5 Best Golf Cart Battery Charger

5 Best Golf Cart Battery Charger

Golf carts are not now limited only to the golf courses; even if there is limited car traffic in your neighborhood, golf carts would be an excellent transportation mode. Or even if you want to move quickly through the heavy traffic, the golf carts would work nicely.

The electric golf carts are very convenient to use. The key feature is that the golf cart always takes you anywhere so quickly is the unit’s battery system.

With a fully recharged battery, the golf cart becomes useless. If you want to use the golf cart for a long time, it is essential to keep the battery’s care. And no doubt, to keep the battery fully charged, you would have to get the battery charger.

The golf battery charger lets the battery show an optimum performance and ensures you and the life of the golf cart battery.

Moreover, the golf cart battery charger also keeps the battery from drying as well. As a result, you can cover more miles over the course and enjoy a different experience at the golf course.

Have you any idea about the best golf battery charger available in the market yet? Or are you searching for the best quality golf cart charger? If yes, then stay here to complete your reading.

So, get through this review. It would let you know about the top five golf cart battery chargers available in the market. The buying guide would let you know about all the essential features you must keep in mind while searching for the best golf battery charger.

Top 5 Best Golf Cart Battery Charger

1. MODZ Max36 15 AMP EZGO Marathon Battery

The battery charger utilizes the internal microprocessor, which can charge the golf cart batteries based on the real-time battery pack voltage and the temperature readings. Due to the advanced technology, the charger can keep on charging with low power consumption.

The simple and very easy-to-read status offers you rapid access to your battery state and lets you know about the charge mode as well.

Above all, the charger shows weather resistance as well. Use it in any weather condition without stressing about water, dust, or vibrations. All of these features make it a practical choice for all of you.

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Quick features:

  • Easy to Operate: Plug-in the charger and forget about it. Through the LED indicators, the charger will let you know about the situation of the battery. The state indicator plays a vital role in this regard and offers you real peace of mind.
  • Convenient Carry Handle: The charger has a handle, so you can grab it while taking the charger along with you. As a result, the charger becomes very easy and convenient to carry.
  • Mount the Max Anywhere: The charger can be mounted anywhere. The built-in mounting base and holes play a crucial role in this regard. So, I need to worry about it.
  • Ultra Lightweight Design: The charger is very light in weight which makes it easy to carry. Moreover, you can carry the charger along with you while traveling over long distances very quickly.
  • Simple and very easy to operate
  • Plugin the charger and just forget about it.
  • Light in weight and compact size make it easy to carry
  • Safe to use
  • Highly recommended
  • Works just the way as described
  • Older charger
  • A little bit expensive

Final words:

The battery charger has been designed so perfectly that it becomes one of the best options for all of you. For instance, above all, the charger’s small and compact design lets you take it along with anywhere you go.

Due to the advanced technology, you can get to know the battery’s state, and credit goes to the indicator. So just plug in the battery and perform all of your takes without stressing about the storm.

2. 48volt 17amp Golf Cart Battery Charger with EZ-Go RXV connector

The best ez go golf cart charger has several worth considering features, making it the best and a perfect choice for all of you. Above all, the battery is available at a cost-effective price and offers you efficient charging as well.

The EZGO Golf Cart Charger 48 Volt can automatically cut off the current supply if the battery gets fully charged. It is one of the best features which you could find in any golf cart battery charger. And the credit goes to the battery tender feature. Moreover, the charger keeps the battery at 100% as well.

Quick features:

  • Dpiez-Go Connector: The charger comes along with DPIEZ-Go connectors, which enables the charger to be used for different types of batteries.
  •  Intelligent Algorithm: The charger is used for different batteries manufactured by other manufacturers, and the credit goes to the smart algorithm. The cord which you get along with this charger is about nine feet. Therefore it can be used very quickly to charge the battery.
  • Led Indicators: The indicators are just present at the charger’s face and help the users keep track of the battery status quite quickly.
  • Reverse Battery Protection: The golf cart battery charger comes with reverse battery protection against sparking. In this way, you can keep your battery on charging even on a night with real peace of mind. Moreover, the charger also supports the battery tender feature.
  • The perfect alternative to the EX GO OEM charger.
  • LEDs for indicating the power and direction
  • Automatic power cut after charging
  • Battery hibernation
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Long power and charging cable
  • Difficult to operate
  • Heavy

Final words:

The battery has been manufactured so entirely and comes with countless features, making it the best and perfect choice for all golfers. For instance, the  DPIEZ-Go connectors let you use it with any battery. It is available at a low price and offers you all the required features. And in this way become the best choice for you.

3. 36volt 18amp Golf Cart Battery Charger for Ez-go

The 36 Volt Golf Cart Charger is a perfect choice for all the golf cart batteries. It is designed in a way that can be easily used for different types of batteries, which becomes possible due to the connectors.

The 36v ezgo golf cart charger is light in weight, so you can easily carry it along with you. The long cords let you charge the batteries a=present a long distance.

The company is very concerned about their customers, so if you have any issues, you can contact the company and find the best possible solution for all of your problems.

Quick features:

  • Plastic/Steel: The charger comes along with two different cases, including plastic and steel. So, get the one just according to your needs.
  •  Energy Savings: The charges have been designed and manufactured so entirely that it becomes an ideal choice for all of you. Therefore, the charger can turn off the current supply and keep the energy safe as the battery gets charged entirely due to advanced technology.
  • Universal Iec Input Connector: The charger comes along with the universal input connectors, enabling the charger to be connected with different types of batteries. As a result, you can use this battery for other devices quite easily without any difficulty.
  • LED Lights: The charger comes with the LED indicators of different colors, including red and green lights. So, this way, you can get to know the status of the battery quickly.
  • No spark charging
  • E-Z-GO “D” Style Connector
  • Reverse battery protection
  • It can be used for different types of batteries.
  • Highly recommended
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Poor warranty services
  • Ampere meter is just pathetic.

Final words:

The battery has several features, which make it the best a perfect choice for all of you. For example, the battery can be connected with different types of batteries and is reliable. The LED lights give information about the charging and the battery as well. The charger saves energy and your money as well as it is very cheap.

4. DPI 36volt 18 Amp Golf Cart Battery Charger

The charger comes along with the 9-foot charging cord ending in a crowfoot 2-pin blade connector. Moreover, it has also been equipped with an algorithm that lets you charge any lead-acid battery. In this way, it becomes an ideal choice for all of you.

The charger’s front side has LEDs lights, which let you get an idea about the current status of the battery. Moreover, the charger works perfectly as well in extreme weather conditions, including the winters.

Quick features:

  • Long Cables: The charger comes long with two long cords, which lets you charge the battery even if it is present at a longer distance or any location.
  •  Winterization Purposes: The charger is an excellent choice as it is a perfect choice for the winters. The voltage maintenance supports to better battery life as well.
  •  Trickle Charging Mode: With these features’ help, the charger can be autocratically turned off once the battery has been changed completely. Moreover, the fully charged batteries are monitored for the no-load self-discharges as well so that they can be set at 100%.
  • Portable: The golf battery charger is light in weight, has a compact design, which lets you transport it very easily without any stress or issue. The size of the battery is very convenient and is an excellent choice as a backup charger.
  • The LED lights indicate the power.
  • Battery charge maintenance for the winters
  • Trickle charging for the maintenance of the battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Backup charger
  • It comes along with two long cables.
  • LED status is not easy to read at day time
  • A little bit expensive

Final words:

The battery has been manufactured so entirely that it becomes a perfect choice. The charger has two cables that end at Powerwise “D” style connector plug. Therefore you can use it for different types of batteries very quickly. The charger can automatically cut off the supply of current once it gets charged ultimately. It is light in weight and becomes very easy to carry this way.

 5. 48V EZGO RXV TXT Golf Cart Battery Charger

The EZGO Golf Cart Charger 48 Volt comes with RXV connectors, making it a suitable charger for multiple batteries, including several golf cart batteries.

The charger takes only four to six hours to charge your battery completely. Moreover, the trickling can reduce the amount of heat produced while you are charging the battery.

The company is concerned about their products and takes special care about the quality of the product. If you are not satisfied with this charger or are facing any sort of issue, just get to know them. The charger will offer you the best possible solution for all of your problems.

Quick features:

  • Golf Cart Charger: The golf cart charger would be suitable for your if the battery if it requires 48 volts and 6 amperes along with the RXV connectors.
  • Universal Design: The golf battery charger has a universal design. It would be the best and a perfect choice for all the batteries which use the RXV style connectors.
  • Instruction Manual: The charger comes along with a manual that contains all the instructions. So, in this way, you can get to know everything you just want to know about this golf cart or use it in a battery.
  • Light In Weight: The golf battery charger has a very compact design, and it is light in weight. Therefore, it becomes a perfect choice for many as one can easily carry it along with them. Moreover, the automatic trickle charge function attracts several.
  • Fast charging
  • LED screen to check the charging status
  • Trickle charging feature to protect the battery life
  • Suitable for different golf cart batteries
  • Highly recommended
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Charging performance is not consistent.
  • It takes some time to start charging when plugged-in.

Final words:

The company is well famous all over the globe for providing high-quality products at an affordable price. The battery chargers are perfectly suitable for all those batteries which use the RXV connectors.

The charger has a display screen where you can learn about the battery status quickly. Moreover, the charger is light in weight and has a compact design. Therefore, you will never face difficulty while taking this charger along with you.

Buying Guide – Best Golf Cart Battery Charger

The golf cart battery operates differently from other batteries as they required a different kind of maintenance and charger.  The charge ensures that the golf cart has enough power for the next ride.

When you are purchasing the best golf cart battery charger, make sure that it matches your battery. The chargers available in the market are just compatible with your golf cart batteries.

Most of the batteries used fr the golf carts are either 36V or 48V. And you can find suitable chargers for all of these batteries very quickly in the market. But, always try to find the required features in the chargers.

The following are the few key features that you must keep in mind while you are searching for the charger for your golf cart battery:


Many chargers come along with a display screen. You can get the alerts and other information regarding your battery over that screen. It will let you know about the charging progress.

Moreover, the LED indicators let the users know about the battery status. In some of the older models, a gauge and an arrow show the charging status.

The display screen also shows the amperes which the battery is getting. The time battery will take to gets ultimately charged and much more.

Battery System:

Whenever you buy a charger, always make sure that it completely matches your battery system. For example, for a 36V battery, you should get a 36V charger, and for the 48Vbattery, you must have a 48V charger, respectively.

If you not aware about the voltage of your battery, you do not need to worry about it. You can calculate it very quickly. To get to know your battery’s volts, simply multiply the number of batteries present in your system by the total number of holes.

Then multiple these holes with two, here you will get the voltage of your battery. But keep in mind, the sum must consist of 36 or 48. now, you should call or buy the charger just according to the voltage of your battery.


Just keep in mind that a battery charger that delivers low amperes will take a long time to charge the battery completely.

While on the other hand, if a charger delivers a maximum number of amperes, the battery will not take a long time to get recharged. Therefore, it is one of the most critical and key features you need to consider while searching for the best golf cart battery charger.

In most cases, five to eight amperes are considered to be very low. Simultaneously, a battery charger that can deliver about 12 to 18 amperes is the perfect choice as a golf cart battery charger.

Cord length:

Chargers come along with two cords. One is plugged into the outlet while the other is connected to the battery to deliver the power.

The longer cords can provide more flexibility as compared to the shorter cables. Moreover, with a longer cable, you can charge the battery at longer distances or any location without difficulty. But with a cable that is shorter in length, you may face problems while charging the battery.

Plug Head:

The golf cart battery charger requires a plug head which goes with the battery of the cart. Pay attention to the different versions of plug heads available in the market. For instance, the two-prong rectangular plug heads are designed for the EZ-GO cart models.

While at the other hand, the roundheads are designed for some battery chargers, matching with Yamaha carts.

Moreover, there are two heads with three prongs inside as well. So, the users can choose the one just according to their needs.

For now, just because of modern technology, you can also find many battery chargers that can be used for more than one type of battery. You will see these golf cart battery chargers with different plug heads.


The chargers have a series of lights as well. Through these lights, the users can quickly get to know the status of the battery. Moreover, the lights also give you an idea of if there is an error.

Well, many changes have both an LCD screen and the LED lights in a single model. So you can get any one of them as well.

Cycle life:

Well, it is not only the performance which is a worth considering factor, besides it, but the lifetime of the battery is also equally important. The charger plays a crucial role in determining the cycle life of the battery.

A battery can complete up to 750 charging and discharging cycles. But keep in mind, these cycles can vary depending on several factors.

According to the experts, you need to charge the battery as it goes just below 45% of its total capacity. In the case of deep discharging, the battery can lose its life span.

Budget Or Price:

The budget is crucial and worth considering, which no one can ignore while buying the best golf cart battery charger. You can find multiple numbers of chargers in the market, and they are available at an affordable price.

But you just need to research before you finalize your deal. You can get a high-quality product at an economical price which will not affect the performance. So, show patience, do research and get the best charger at the lowest possible price without compromising the quality or performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Is fast-charging suitable for Golf Cart?

At the present day, you can find several batteries in the market which do not take a long time to gets recharged. There is a slight issue with these batteries, as they can get hot very soon.

So, you can charge the golf carts at high capacity, and as soon as these chargers or batteries got hot, you can turn them off. Moreover, many chargers can break off the circuit automatically as they get hot. And it is possible due to the sensors. The credit goes to advanced technology. As soon as the temperature becomes normal, the charger will start charging the battery.

Fast charging is beneficial for batteries. These charges can keep the batteries healthy and play an essential role in removing the electrodes’ sulfur deposits. Furthermore, these type of chargers is compatible with the voltages of different vehicles. In this way, you can use a single charger to charge both 36 and 48-volt batteries. (source)

2: Why The Battery Do Not Hols The Charge Even After Using The Charger?

Well, this can happen when there is an issue with the connectors of the battery. Always make sure that the plug from the charger is connected tightly with the battery.

If the battery terminals have any sort of rust or corrosion on them, the battery will not be able to get the charge altogether. To resolve this issue, you need to clean the terminals of the battery correctly. You can use baking soda along with water.

3: What Happens If Golf Cart Batteries Run Out Of Water?

 If the battery gets out of the water, it will not supply the required power as the plates inside the battery get dry and flake off. Moreover, the batteries can also get damaged, and as a result, you will have to replace these batteries.

4: Will The Golf Cart Battery Charger Work On a Completely Dead Battery?

No, the charger will never work on the golf cart battery. The charger works only for those batteries which have half of their voltage in reserve. For instance, the 36-volt battery system must have at least 20-volts so that it can be charged.

So, if the battery of your golf cart gets completely dead, then you can use the 120vlot charger. Well, these chargers are specially designed for dead batteries. The charger will provide the head start to your battery before the charger begins working.

5: How To Test a Golf Cart Battery Charger?

It is effortless to check or test the battery. First of all, turn on the charger and then check whether the battery is getting the power or not. To check the value or amount of energy the battery is calling, you can connect it with the voltmeter and get an idea about it. 

6: How Long Does It Take To Charge a Golf Cart Battery?

The battery can take from a few hours to a couple of hours to get ultimately charged. A batteries takes to get set completely depends on several factors, including the sage or quality o the battery. Moreover, the amperes a battery would supply also have a significant influence over the charging time.

A charger that can deliver more amperes will not a long time to recharge the battery than others, providing only a very few amperes at a time. As the battery gets older, you will have to wait for a longer time till the battery gets charged ultimately.



The golf carts are limited to the golf course. Use them to cover short distances for now. You can also use these golf carts to move around your neighborhood as well.

The golf battery charger ensures you the long life of the battery. The charger keeps the battery alive and lets you more with confidence over the golf course with confidence.                                        

The best battery charger keeps the charge regulated and does not let your battery get heated as well. The charger improves the efficiency of the battery and enables the battery to show optimum performance.

Investing in the best golf battery charger is the best way to keep your battery in good condition. Here, a review of the top five golf battery chargers has been provided over here, along with the buying guide. You can get through them to get the best charger for your golf cart battery.

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