10 Best Golf Cart Batteries Reviews

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When it comes to the golf cart’s battery, buying a new pack of it can be a hefty investment. It is very important to choose a good battery for your cart as it is a one-time buy.  The best golf cart batteries may cost you a price equal to a new electric cart. There are many things to see in a golf cart battery.

The car and golf cart batteries look similar but are used for two different purposes. The car battery provides a strong current for a very short time which is used for automobile ignition. While the golf cart batteries are deep cycle batteries and have been designed to supply power for a longer period.

The golf cart has become the must-have for most players as they take a lot of stuff with them on the course. Unlike traditional carts, electric golf carts are more efficient, easy to use, and environmentally friendly as no direct fuel is consumed. The golf cart battery is the thing that makes it a great choice.

There are several things to be considered when buying a battery for your golf cart, such as voltage amperage and quality, etc. And with the availability of a wide assortment, it can be very hard to choose the best product. We have shortlisted some of the excellent golf cart batteries to help you choose the best one for your needs.

All the reviewed products are outfitted with high-quality material and have great performance. These products are shortlisted after long research; your few minutes can help you get the better product. Have a look at the following products, which are discussed in detail.

Top 10 Best Golf Cart Batteries

1. Trojan T-875 6V batteriesbest golf cart batteries

When it comes to the deep-cycle batteries, Trojan is the very first that comes up to mind. Thousands of users around the world highly like Trojan batteries as they can last long years. Trojan T-875 Golf Cart Battery pack will be one of the best choices if you need one for your golf cart. This battery pack includes six 8V batteries.

As most golf carts use a 36V or 48V system, this battery pack will work for most electric carts. These batteries use T2 technology, making them a clean power source. These batteries are used for solar panel systems and electric vehicles due to their good performance. This battery pack is expensive than other batteries, but it worth its value.

If you have some budget and need golf cart batteries, there could not be any other better choice than this. These batteries use the latest technologies to make battery life and performance longer. As the 8V combination batteries are not so common, many trojan batteries will be a great choice. 

Quick Features:

  • Low Maintenance: The maintenance of a battery is the thing that can increase battery life. These batteries come with in-built vents that make sure low maintenance. These batteries need very low maintenance, which means you don’t have to worry about fresh charging or acid changing.
  • Robust Design: The battery design is very robust, and several latest technologies are used in its manufacturing. It is designed for discharging at a lower speed which is very important for regular golfers. Don’t worry if you are bumping your cart in rough terrain; its strong design will handle it.
  • Warranty: The batteries do not come with a warranty of more than a year or months six, but the Trojan T-875 batteries come with 18 months warranty which is quite impressive for lead-acid batteries. Eighteen months long warranty is only found in high-end products.
  • Battery Life: Compared to other products of its family, there are fewer chances of getting overcharged. This feature makes it great for long-term use. Unlike AGM batteries, there will be no issue if left charging overnight for few times. You can check Trojan golf cart batteries reviews to know more about it.
  • High quality
  • Robust Design
  • T2 Technology
  • 18-month long warranty
  • Inbuilt Vents
  • Expensive:

Final Words:

 Trojan T-875 batteries are one of the best batteries you can get on the market. Its long battery life and maintenance batteries will be great for regular and occasional players. It is one of the best 6-volt golf cart batteries. This battery pack is expensive; if you don’t have much budget, there are also many other good choices.

2. Mighty Max 6V 200Ah cart Battery – best 6 volt golf cart batteries

If you are looking for a maintenance-free battery, The Mighty Max 6V 200Ah battery will be a good choice. It is sealed Lead-Acid batteries that mean it will last long but without the need for maintenance. This battery uses AGM technology that doesn’t need to add water or acid to it. If you need to replace your cart batteries, it is an affordable choice.

 The best thing about these batteries is that they can be mounted in any orientation as the acid is sealed in them. This battery’s self-discharging is also very slow, making it an even greater choice for occasional players. The batteries are very heavy and keep the golf cart stable. The battery can be used for up to 5 to 6 golf rounds equal to about 30 miles.

Its design is very strong, and you can ride on rough terrain without worrying about batteries. These batteries come with a 1-year warranty which is average for most golf cart batteries. It can also bear low ad high temperature, which is the main cause of battery damage.  We have discussed its key features below that you must go through.

Quick Features:

  • AGM Technology: Unlike wet lead-acid batteries, Might Max Battery uses AGM technology. In these batteries, the lead and acid are sealed strongly. And you are allowed to place batteries in any orientation. These batteries can bear strong bumps without getting leaked.
  • Operating temperature:  These batteries can be used in high and low temperatures, unlike wet lead-acid batteries. The temperature does not affect the battery cells and life. Most batteries are damaged due to high or low temperatures. If you are a regular player, it will not be a bad buy.
  • Versatile: These batteries can also be used for various electric appliances such as solar power systems, welding systems, etc. You can also replace one or two batteries if they get damaged. The self-discharge rate is also very low that means if you are an occasional player, this will not be a bad choice.
  • Battery Life: These batteries come with a full-year warranty, while if used properly, these batteries can be used for up to 10 years. IF the cart battery is charged properly and never used when the battery is low, it automatically increases its life.
  • Sealed Lead Acid
  • Strong Design
  • Can be placed in any orientation
  • Bears unusual temperatures
  • 200 Ah design
  • No wires are included in the pack

Final Words:

When we look at its features, it is a good product and is also an affordable choice. The Mighty Max 6V battery combination can be used for both 36V and 48V golf carts. Moreover, these batteries are also maintenance-free, making them an even better choice for occasional players.

3. VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery – best golf cart batteries for the money

VMAXTANKS 6 volt AGM Battery is always part of top golf cart batteries. This battery is sealed lead-acid that does not need maintenance to keep it healthy.

These batteries are highly liked for golf carts as they can last for up to 10 years, which is quite impressive for a battery. Calling it one of the best deep cycle batteries will not be wrong with its high-end performance.

VMAXTANKS Battery has all the features that you can expect from a quality deep cycle battery. These batteries use a heavy-duty tin alloy for manufacturing that increases the battery life cycle even after over-discharging. As it is properly sealed, it can be kept in any orientation. Series of6 or eight batteries will be required to create a 36V or 48V battery.

As it is a maintenance-free battery, so you don’t have to worry if you only use your golf cart once or twice a week. Its self-discharging rate is very slow, which is highly liked by occasional golfers.

On a full charge, these batteries can provide 11.25 amperes for up to 20 hours, even without falling voltage below 10.5, making it one of the best deep-cycle batteries. Have a look at features which are discussed below:

Quick Features:

  • No maintenance: Unlike wet lead-acid batteries, VMAXTANKS AGAM batteries do not require maintenance. Don’t worry about its battery life, and there is no need to add water or acid to it because these batteries are completely sealed.
  • Heavy Duty: These batteries are great for heavy-duty electric appliances. One can connect multiple batteries to create any voltage battery. It uses a heavy-duty tin alloy that makes sure that the battery cells are performing well, and this is one of the best 6-volt golf cart batteries for RV.
  • True Deep Cycle Batteries: If the 12v and 6v batteries are compared, the 12V batteries blend starting and deep cycle batteries, whereas 6 V are completely deep cycle batteries. These batteries last more than 12 V batteries and discharge at a slower rate.
  • Easy to setup: The batteries do not come with wires intact to produce carbon on terminals. Anyone can make series of these batteries without any experience the all you have to do connecting wires with the terminal. If you do small home tas, this will not be a challenge for you.
  • Absorbed Glass Matt Technology
  • 225 Ah
  • Good RC rating
  • Robust Design
  • Wide operating temperatures
  • The self-discharge rate is higher.

Final Words:

As the 6V batteries are true deep cycle batteries, you should go with VMAXTANKs ^V batteries.  These batteries will last longer than wet lead-acid batteries. You can also replace a single battery in case one of the pack goes bad. This a great feature and can be highly beneficial sometimes.

4. Amstron GC2 6V 210Ah Battery – golf cart batteries review

If you are looking for a strong battery pack for your golf cart, you are no the right product. The Amstron GC2 6c 210 Ah battery pack will not be a bad buy for your golf cart. Thousands of users use it for boats, RV, and carts due to its high capacity and 210 Ah at a 20-hour rate. There many other things that make it part of top picks.

IF we look at its design, it has smaller footprints than other family products. But the body is very robust and durable; you can ride on bumpy terrain without worrying about your battery.

With a dimension of 10 by 7 inches, it will fit most of the 36V and 48 V golf cart spaces. This battery can be used in low and too high temperatures without effect on the battery’s life. This battery will work even if frozen because it does not use contamination agents it.

Pack of these batteries can let you ride some extra miles as the 6V batteries are considered true deep cycle batteries. However, it takes a bit longer to charge it than 12 V batteries but worth this time.

Quick Features:

  • Capacity: Unlike most 6V batteries, Amstron GC2 6V batteries have a capacity of 210Ah at a 20-hour rate which is only found in industrial-grade batteries. This high capacity is the reason it is used for boats and RVs also. For a golf cart, this will be a powerhouse.
  • No maintenance: As the Amstron GC2 6V golf car battery uses AGM technology, there is no maintenance required. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, the battery life is not affected if left unused for a long time. It can be very useful for regular players as it can be hard to find time for battery maintenance.
  • Warranty: When it comes to golf cart batteries’ warranty, 12 to 18 months warranty is maximum. While these batteries come with a warranty of two years, one can assume their quality. If charged properly and not used with a low battery, this battery will last for years.
  • Versatile: If you are an occasional golfer, you can use its battery pack for several electrical products such as Boats and RV. As it provides 210Ah at a 20-hour rate, you can use it for powering heavy-duty appliances also. No pill design makes it even great for rough terrains.
  • No maintenance
  • 210Ah at a 20-hour rate
  • Robust Body
  • AGM technology
  • Two years warranty
  • Expensive

Final Words:

All the Amstron GC2 6V golf cart battery features are great, but the price is not affordable for everyone. It cost more than other products but worth its value and has a warranty more than any deep cycle battery.

5. FLYPOWER 12v 100Ah LifePo4 Battery – best golf cart batteries 12v

The 12 V deep cycle batteries provide starting power for any motor or engine and provide power for a longer period. These batteries are considered versatile as you can use them as a starting battery and deep cycle power back-up. Flypower 12V batteries are one of the best-selling products due to their high capacity and long battery life. The price is much more affordable than products with the same capacity and features.

This golf cart battery features many new things that keep on the top products list, with a maximum discharging capacity of 100Ah to a peak capacity of 200Ah in 3 to 5 seconds. These batteries can be used for almost battery-operated products such as portable machinery and motors etc. This battery of this product can last up to 10 years on proper use, which is enough for a battery pack.

It comes with a simple charging adapter that you can plug anywhere t charge your battery. As this battery comes with overcharging protection, you can leave it for charging overnight. This feature is highly useful as many times, people forget to remove the charging of batteries. Some of the key features of these golf cart batteries are as follow.

Quick Features:

  • Low Discharge Rate: The traditional lead-acid batteries have a high discharge rate when compared to AGM batteries. You can store this battery for up to 12 months without discharging so much. As the battery is completely sealed, the liquid or gel inside the battery is not evaporated.
  • 5-year Warranty: The best thing about the Flypower 12V batteries is their 5-year warranty. Having a five-year warranty for a golf cart battery is very nice and competitive. There are only a few batteries available in the market that have a warranty, like the FLYPOWER 12V battery.
  • Combination: These batteries can be used with a combination of  LifePO4 batteries. The batteries must have the same output ad discharging voltages to get the best results. Using batteries other than Lifepo4 can damage other batteries of the pack.
  • Deep Life Cycle: This battery can reach up to 7000 deep life cycles, which is very impressive for a 12V battery. The overcharging does not affect the battery life, and the battery cells remain healthy. Most of the battery can only last from  4000 up to 5000 deep life cycles.
  • Heavy Duty
  • 7000 deep cycles
  • Compatible with LIFEpo4 batteries
  • Cheaper in the long run
  • Overheating Protection
  • Weak carry belt

Final Words:

Using these batteries for your golf cart will be a great choice for those who don’t like a pack of 6 or batteries. These are the best golf cart batteries 12v set, and have great performance. On a full charge, it can be used for riding4 to 5 golf rounds.

6. Weize 12 V Gel  golf cart Batteries – best budget golf cart batteries

Thinking of using a pack of 12V batteries in your golf cart? You should have a look at the Weize 12V gel deep cycle battery will be a great choice. It is a heavy-duty battery used for any equipment such as solar systems, boats, wheelchairs, golf carts, etc. This battery has a unique footprint with its tall battery terminals.

This battery can be used for ignition and deep cycle power battery, making it an even greater choice.  It can provide 12 V 100Ah at a 10-hour rate which is good for long golf rounds. As the gel is tightly sealed, there is no need to worry about acid spilling or spoofing. These batteries are maintenance-free, which means the battery life will not be affected if you don’t take care of the battery.

These golf cart batteries can last for up to 10 years with a durable and robust body. The self-discharging rate is also very which means you can even use it after a year without recharging. Some small features can be highly useful sometimes. Some of its features are discussed below that you must go through.

Quick Features:

  • Gel technology: The gel is an advanced type of AGM liquid; it provides better battery life and high performance. As the gel is sealed tightly in the strongbox, there are no chances f spilling out. If you are a regular golfer and play golf regularly or frequently, you must get a battery with gel technology.
  • Self-Discharge: Unlike the AGM and Traditional lead-acid batteries, the self-discharge rate is also very low. This battery will only lose only a few miles even if left for a year unused. It is a very crucial factor to consider, as it can be highly useful for occasional players.
  • Versatile: This 12 V battery can be used for multiple products such as wheelchairs, boats, scooters and golf carts, etc. Many people buy a 12V battery pack so they can use it for fishing and boating. Using 6V volt batteries can produce the result like a 12V battery.
  • Safety: Safety should be the very first priority; these batteries come with an explosion-proof valve. This valve prevents the production of redundant gas. The outer body prevents the internal battery from setting on fire; for scooters, wheelchairs, and golf carts, it is a great feature as the batteries lie under the seat or user.
  • 100 Ah at a 10-hour rate
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Explosion-proof
  • Uses Gel technology
  • PVC separator
  • No heat tolerance

Final words:

 In short, Weize 12 V deep cycle battery is not a high-end battery, but for its price, it is a great product. In case you have a low budget but need a golf cart battery, this will not be a bad choice. You can have a look at other products if you can invest more in batteries.

7. Lynx 12 V 100Ah battery – best batteries for ez go golf cart

With the need for some high-end golf cart batteries, you should have a look at the LYNX 12V golf cart battery. It uses lithium-ion technology that lies in dry batteries. Dry batteries are high in performance and also in price. These batteries are the most expensive but are true deep-cycle batteries. Buying a LYNX 12 V battery pack for the golf cart will not be a bad choice.

Tshi battery comes with all the features, capacity, and battery life you can expect from a high-end battery. These batteries are used for a range of products such as solar panels and boasts etc. This battery uses Lifepo4 technology, which is the latest in the battery market. The weight o this battery is also much lower than traditional lead-acid batteries making it a good choice for people who like lightweight batteries.

Its high-quality manufacturing can last up to 5000 deep life cycles, making it an even greater choice. It is one of the best lithium golf cart batteries with its high-end features. Unlike typical cart batteries, this battery is made under a Battery management system that ensures its high quality. You should have a look at its features.

Quick Features:

  • LifePO4 Technology: LifePO4 is the latest technology used in batteries for better performance and longer battery life. AS it is the latest technology, buying these batteries can be very expensive. One can combine multiple Lifepo4 batteries with the same voltage to use for carts or boats etc.
  • Light Weight: When it comes to weight, many people are unaware that some batteries are lighter in weight than others. The Lynx 12V battery is much light n weighs when compared to batteries with the same voltage. For those who carry more things on the cart, you should get these lightweight batteries.
  • Life Cycle: This lynx 12V battery can last up to 5000 deep cycles, which are way more than most golf cart batteries in the market. One can assume the battery quality by knowing its life cycles. This feature is the reason that this battery is the choice of thousands of users around the country.
  • Self-Discharging: When we talk about its self-discharging rate, it is very slow. As it does not use gel or acid, it is discharged very slowly. You can use this battery even after a year without fully recharging it. Occasional golfers must consider this point before but=ying the batteries.
  • Lightweight
  • LifePO4 Technology
  • Long Battery Life
  • Keep in any orientation
  • Standard 12 V charging
  • Easy to use
  • No compatible with lead-acid batteries

Final Words:

The lithium iron phosphate battery will be best for your golf cart. These golf cart batteries are much more expensive than gel or acid batteries. However, it is very expensive but will last longer than any other gel or lead-acid battery. It is a cheap investment in the long run.

8. Miady 12 V 100Ah battery – best lithium golf cart batteries

If you are searching for a low-cost but high-end battery, the Miady 12V battery will be the best choice for you. This battery also uses LifePO4 technology that provides battery longer battery life and performance. It is also one of the lightest LifePO4 batteries you can get under its price range. It is better than AGM and Wet lead-acid battery in every aspect.

It can last up to 2000 cycles which is great for a low-cost battery. As there is no acid or gel inside the battery, there is no need to worry about spilling. The outer body prevents the internal battery from catching fire which is a great safety feature.

The battery is not harmed even if over-discharged making it an even better choice. The price is very affordable, but the quality is also very high.

Despite its affordable price, this battery comes with a warranty of 18 months which is very impressive. Only a few batteries in the market come with a warranty of more than six months or a year.  You can also use this battery with a combination of LifePO4 batteries. We have discussed some of its key features that are worth reading.

Quick Features:

  • LifePO4 Battery: This battery uses lithium phosphate technology that is the highest in performance and battery life. These batteries can last up to 3 to 4 times more than traditional lead-acid batteries making them the best for golf carts.  It can last up to 2000 deep cycles, which is enough for a low-cost product.
  • Price: When this battery’s price is compared with other products with the same voltage and features, this battery is very affordable. Without any doubt, it is a low-price product, but there is a compromise in the battery’s quality.
  • Safe: This lithium-ion battery is very safe as there are no chances of leakage or spilling with the battery’s strong and durable body. It is a great safety feature as the batteries lie under the cart seat. Moreover, there are no chances of an explosion in this battery.
  • Warranty: It comes with a warranty of 18 months which is way more than typical batteries. The average warranty for LifePO4 batteries is one year, which means this battery will be a good choice. These batteries will be the best batteries for 36-volt golf cart.
  • Maintenance-free
  • Explosion Proof
  • Ligh weight
  • Over 2000 cycles
  • Environment Friendly
  • Not for heavy-duty appliances.

Final Words:

As this battery has all the features expected in a quality battery, you should not ignore it. It will be a good replacement for lead-acid batteries. As the price is also very affordable, there could not be any other good choice for low-budget buyers.

9. Weize 12 V 35Ah golf cart battery – best batteries for 36 volt golf cart

The Weize 12 V 35Ah battery is a heavy-duty battery used for different purposes. Due to its high performance and long battery life. This will be a good choice if you need a multi-purpose battery. You can use a combination of these batteries if you need a battery for a golf cart, scooter or solar system, etc. it is one of the best golf cart batteries with its long battery life and high performance.

The battery is not harmed if over-discharged, as there is no gel or liquid used in this battery. These batteries can be put in series to power a golf cart with 36 V or 48 V systems. Weize has a reputable name in the market due to high-quality manufacturing batteries. A large range of Weize batteries with different voltages is available in the market.

As it is a sealed-lad acid battery, you don’t have to worry about spilling or leakage of the battery. The life of this battery may be affected if over-discharged. If the battery dies, you should charge it immediately to increase its life of this battery. Some of the features of this golf cart battery are listed below.

Quick Features:

  • Sealed Battery: However it a simple lead-acid battery that is sealed; unlike typical lead-acid batteries, the acid or liquid does not spill off the battery. You are allowed to place it in any orientation without affecting the battery life and battery cells. Its robust body can bear strong bumps and hits.
  • Combination: It can be used in different combinations to power 36V or 48V golf carts. It can be used with any type of battery with the same voltage output and amperage. These features let you use these batteries individually as well in the series.
  • Affordable: If we talk about its price, it will be an affordable choice. If you are a regular player and need batteries for the cart, investing in this battery will be good. Despite its low price, it uses high-quality material for its manufacturing. For the low-budget player, there could not be any other better option.
  • Warranty: The price of this battery is very low compared to other products of the picks; however, it still comes with a full-year warranty. You can replace the battery within a year if any problem or issue happens. 1- year warranty is enough for products under its price range.
  • Sealed Lead-acid
  • Long Battery Life
  • High Performance
  • Maintenance-free
  • 1-year warranty
  • It can get overcharged

Final Words:

His battery has performance and quality like any other high-end battery but lacks overcharging protection. It is the biggest cause of battery damages. It is one of the best budget golf cart batteries. If you manage to charge it properly, it will not be a bad choice here.

10. Universal Group Golf cart Batteries – best golf cart batteries

Universal Group golf cart batteries are one of the best batteries due to their consistent power supply. The consistent supply keeps the electrical product safe from electric misadventure. A pack of these batteries will be the best choice for those who use their golf cart regularly. The series of these batteries can be used to power almost all common electric appliances.

These batteries are used in wheelchairs, scooters, and boats for their consistent and long life cycle. This battery pack comes with all the parts required for its installation, such as wires, nuts, bolts, etc. This battery uses AGM technology that is considered better than wet lead-acid batteries. The Absorbent glass mat has a much longer life than the wet lead-acid batteries and provides higher performance.

This battery is made maintenance-free, making it an even better choice for regular golfers. Tshi battery is leak-resistant, which is very basic but an important safety feature. The outer body is robust and saves the internal battery from damage and temperature effects. Some of the features of these golf cart batteries are discussed that must go through.

Quick Features:

  • AGM Technology: These batteries use AGM technology which increases the performance and battery life. AGM batteries can be placed in any orientation as there are no spill or leakage chances.  There is no need for maintenance, unlike traditional wet lead-acid batteries.
  • Easy to install: It is a heavyweight battery but can be installed easily in any orientation. In some electric carts, the battery space is made accordingly to some specific battery type. It comes with all the things necessary for the installation of batteries.
  • Fast Charge System: When compared to flooded batteries, these batteries charge five times faster. It means this battery will be fully charged in an hour or two making it a great option. These features will be best for the regular players who play 2 to 3 golf rounds a day.
  • Robust Design: String bumps and hits do not harm the robust design of the Universal Group battery. It can be used in rough terrains without losing its performance and battery life. Its body resists shocks and abrasion, which is a great feature of this battery. Calling these batteries the best golf cart batteries for the money will not be wrong.
  • Consistent: When it comes to consistent power, this battery is the best of all the list products. It provides a consistent power supply even if the battery is low. The consistent power supply increases the life of electric equipment. These are the best golf cart batteries 48v for golf carts and RVs.
  • Consistent
  • Strong and Durable
  • Spill-Proof
  • Zero maintenance
  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Too heavy

Final Words:

For those who care about their electric cart, the universal group batteries pack will the best option. This battery’s quality and performance are very great, making it the choice of thousands of users. Moreover, it has a 1-year replacement warranty which is great for a product under its price range.

Best Golf Cart Batteries – Buying Guide

Over the last few decades, our world has advanced in almost every aspect of life. Same with golf, the engine golf carts are replaced with electric ones. The golf cart was made for disabled people on the course but became very popular with senior players. And now it has become a need as many players carry a lot of stuff with them on the ground.

Many people assume buying a golf cart is an expensive investment, but the regular players know that it is worth its value. The biggest issue any golfers have to face with their cart is a battery problem.

If you are willing to buy a golf cart, you should also look for a good battery. Without a powerful battery, the best cart will not work efficiently.

When buying a battery for your golf cart, many things have to be considered. A golf cart battery is also an expensive product; therefore, it must be chosen very keenly.

There are many things to see in a battery, such as its voltage, amperage, and battery type. Without the proper knowledge, it can be very hard to choose the best product in the market.

To help you choose the best golf cart battery, we have designed a buying guide that will help you make a choice. As many batteries are available in the market, a few reading minutes can help you find the best product. Following are some main things that have been discussed that must be considered when buying a battery for a golf cart.

Always buy New:

Whether you are replacing your cart’s battery or buying a new one, it is not like other products such as mobile phones or any industrial product that can be reused. There are many suppliers out in the market that are selling repaired batteries with new ones. The old batteries are refurbished to look new. You can yourself see the manufacturing year.

You may have seen letters like A9, B2, etc., on the battery terminals. The first letter represents the month of manufacturing, for example, A for January to L for December. The number on the right represents the make year; for example, A8 means January 2008.  I hope it will help you prevent any fraud. Read the golf cart batteries review that can help you in making a better choice.

In many online buying cases, it has been seen that many sellers deliver the old renewed batteries, which do not take long, even a year. Always demand a warranty card when buying a battery for your golf cart. If buying online, do little research, such as read reviews about the product on shopping sites, because many people do not have much time to send backorders or do all that stuff.

Voltage and Amperage:

The golf cart batteries look similar to the car batteries but are not. The traditional car batteries provide a large amount of current for a short period, while the deep-cycle batteries provide a longer period. The 36 V and 4V system carts are the most commonly used.

Most of golf carts operate on 36V or 48V and work with a series of batteries. Using the series of battery ensure that enough power is supplied to motors. One cannot use a single battery with golf carts and have to use a combination of the best golf cart batteries with 8V, 6V, and 12V batteries.

If your golf cart is 48V, you have to provide a 48V supply; you can use any combination, such as four 12-volt batteries. The experts recommend using a 12 V battery as it does not lose more power on startup, unlike 6V or 12V batteries. It does not mean that you can not use these batteries in combination.

If you are replacing your old cart’s batteries, you must use the same combination of batteries. Using the same combination of batter will have no chances of any issue. If you only need to replace one or two batteries, use the same brand of batteries. There will be no harm if I fused different brand batteries, but it may cause fluctuations.

Battery life Cycle:

The life of a battery on a charge should also be seen before buying a golf cart battery. If you use your cart regularly, then you must get a battery with a longer life cycle. If you only use your golf cart once or twice a month, any golf cart battery will work fine. Regular golfers must get a high-quality battery that discharges slowly but provide sufficient power to drive the cart.

The quality of the battery can also be assumed by the number of times it can be recharged. Higher-quality batteries can be recharged daily without any problem. It is very important to recharge fresh after every 30 to 45 days to keep the battery cells in life.


Type of Battery:

A range of different types of batteries is available in the market. The Golf cart batterie looks like Typical Acid batteries but is not. The golf cart batteries are deep-cycle batteries which mean they can provide power for long hours. We have discussed the most common battery types, which are as follows:

1. FLA Batteries:

 These batteries use lead plates and sulphuric acid to get charged and discharged. These batteries are very powerful but do not have a long life. As these batteries are not sealed, professionals do not recommend using gin carts because the new carts have batteries under the seats.

2. Gel Lead-Acid Batteries:

Unlike unsealed FLA batteries, these batteries use gel-type material to keep cells healthy. These batteries can bear rough conditions such as using off-road. These batteries are highly durable and safe. These batteries are more expensive than the typical lead-acid batteries.

3. Dry Batteries:

Lithium-ion is the most commonly used dry battery. These batteries are used in mobile phones due to their high efficiency. These batteries are very expensive; these batteries may cost you double the acid battery. But these batteries are highly efficient and have a longer life.

There are some batteries out in the market that can be used independently. These batteries do not need a series of circuits to operate. These batteries are made on order fr o different electric appliances. There is a wide range of golf cart batteries on the market; you can choose one according to your voltage requirements.

It will help if you read lithium golf cart battery reviews to choose the best one according to your need.


Before buying a product, you must fix the budget to find the product within the range. But if you got a budget, then you should look for the best one. This will help you choose the best battery within your budget. You may see the difference in prices of different brands of golf cart batteries with the same power, which may build quality and performance.

A golf cart battery’s average price ranges from $ 700 to $ 1500, whereas a golf cart can also be found. You don’t need to get worried if you have got a low budget. Many companies are manufacturing great products at a lower price, making them affordable for everyone.


The battery’s weight is an important thing to consider as a heavier battery can slow down the golf cart. However, heavier batteries are recommended by experts as these batteries keep the golf cart more stable. There are fewer chances of abandoning your cart with a heavier battery.

If you do not like slow-speed carts, you should find a lighter-weight battery. Few pounds less weight can result in up to a 3 to 5 Mph speed increase. Most golfers do not pay too much attention to the weight because the difference will not be more than a few pounds.

Recharge Time:

A good battery must recharge quickly. Leaving the battery on charging overnight may damage the battery life for most batteries 2 to 3 hours enough to fully charge them, while some batteries may take a longer time. The quick-charging batteries can result in highly useful sometimes.

You can find a good battery charged in an hour, but it is not good to use quick charging for deep-cycle batteries. It not only damages the battery but also decreases its life of the battery.  Regular maintenance keeps the battery life healthy and lasts longer.


When it comes to batteries, a warranty is a very important factor to keep in mind. The average life of the golf cart batteries is 4 to 7 years and depends on their usability. The warranty of a golf cart battery depends on its type. For example, a lead-acid battery has a shorter warranty, while dry Batteries have a longer warranty.

Find a golf cart battery with a long warranty. The batteries do not come with a warranty for over a year. In contrast, the appropriate use and maintenance can make the life of the battery longer than expected. You may find some batteries with up to 18 months of warranty, but the price will also be high. Some batteries in the market offer two years warranty which is quite impressive.

10 Best Golf Cart Batteries Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a golf cart battery cost?

It depends on the voltage and quality of the battery. The average golf cart batteries for 36V ad n48V systems can be found from $ 700 to up to $ 2000. The difference in prices is due to the quality, voltage, and warranty. Mostly the product will higher warranty are expensive.

In case you have a low budget but need a cart battery, you may also find cheaper batteries. But many sellers offer low prices to attract customers and sell refurbished batteries. These batteries look but are not.

2. How to check if the battery is new or old?

Many people get frauded as they don’t know the difference between new and old batteries. The deep cycle batteries come with the manufacturing time printed on battery terminals. The months are written as A for January, B for February, and so o up to L for December, respectively. The second character represents the make year, such as if it is written L9, it means the battery was manufactured in December 2009.

Knowing this little thing can help you from fraud; the used batteries will not last more than six months or a year. And when a user claims the warranty, they say it is damaged due to overuse or battery low. The warranty policy is always in the company’s interest.

3. What is the average life of a golf cart battery?

It depends on the use and maintenance of the battery. If the battery is regularly fresh charged and not used more than its limit, it can last for years without any problem. But many users have to replace it after a couple of years as they do not pay much attention to it.

The battery’s quality is also an important factor, but most of the batteries use the same technology with minor differences. Any battery can last up to 5 years which is enough for a battery of a golf cart.

4. How long does a golf cart battery can last?

The battery life of a golf cart battery is measured in miles per charge. A golf cart battery can ride 35 miles; you can use it for up to 7 golf rounds. This battery timing is enough for an electric golf car as it does not use any gas or petrol etc.

After some time, the battery may not give the same performance but if charged for proper time and maintenance, keep the battery healthy. The batteries are damaged due to overnight charging and use, even with a low battery.

5. What types of batteries are used in a golf cart?

A golf cart is operated on deep cycle batteries; the golf cart looks similar to car batteries. Led Acid batteries, AGM Batteries, and Lithium-ion batteries are the most commonly used batteries. Experts recommend dry batteries as it has no maintenance and has a longer life. These batteries are considered best for deep cycle voltage, in which energy is supplied for a longer time.

The golf cart can operate on any battery equal to its required voltage. Unlike car batteries, these batteries are deep-cycle batteries. One cannot use a combination of different types of batteries as It can damage the other batteries if the battery pack also.

6. How do you know if you have to replace your golf cart battery?

Several signs start to arise when the battery starts getting damaged. The battery does not charge to full as the chemical substance in the battery starts losing life. The battery dies after a few mile distances. If the golf cart has a visual battery monitor, you will see the sign of weak or low battery most of the time.

If you are not sure, you can also assume the battery’s health; the outer body starts bloating when it gets damaged. If you have some knowledge of batteries, you will know the problem at the very first look.

7. Why do the golf cart batteries die before the expected time?

There can be several reasons for a battery getting damaged. Using the cart until the battery dies is the foremost reason for battery damage. The overnight or half charging can also cause harm to the battery. If the battery is kept properly, it can last for years without any issue. Unlike traditional car batteries, these batteries have a longer life.

Some golfer also uses 9 to 10 old batteries that are still working fine. It is due to their high quality and proper use. Even the Wet cell Batteries can last for five years, which is quite impressive for these batteries.

8. Why are golf cart batteries more expensive than car batteries?

The golf cart and car batteries look similar but are not. The traditional car battery provides a large amount of current for a very short time, whereas the deep-cycle golf cart batteries provide a short amount of current for a longer time. Deep cycle batteries are used where power is required for a longer time.

A traditional car battery can be found for around $ 150 to $200, while a golf cart can cost you way more than this. The average t prices of a golf cart battery range from $700 to up to $ 2000 depending n their quality.

9. Can be replacing the single battery of the golf cart be fine?

If one or two batteries have gone bad in the battery pack, then the user can replace one or two batteries. Replacing a single golf cart battery is not recommended. Many people mix up the old and new batteries that, damage the life of the new batteries and old batteries.

It can be a very hefty investment for some people; therefore, if you are replacing a single battery, make sure you are using the same voltage and brand battery. This will decrease the chances of the battery getting damaged.

10. How to keep the golf cart battery healthy?

There are a few things that a user can do to keep their cart battery in life. If you are deciding to use a lead-acid battery, then checking its water, fresh charge after a month, and using the battery before it dies can keep your battery healthy. The same applies to other types of batteries; you don’t have to check for battery water only.

The product’s quality is a very important point to be considered; good quality golf-cart battery cells remain healthy for a longer time and do not die soon like car batteries.

11. Is it safe to put an aspirin in a battery?

The aspirin reacts with sulphuric acid to provide a full battery charge. The aspirin decreases the battery life, which should be seen in the long run as the golf cart batteries are expensive. If your battery is going bad, doing it one or two times will not harm the battery. But if you are thinking of using it regularly, you should get a new battery.

Moreover, using aspirin to refresh battery cells is not a solution but a home remedy to keep the batteries full. It shortens the life of the battery.

12. Does the golf cart battery’s weight affect eth speed?

Yes, the golf cart batteries are very heavy in weight and slow down the golf cart speed. However, the experts recommended the heavier golf cart to keep the cart stable even on unbalanced terrain.  If you need a lightweight battery, the light and heavy battery’s weight difference will not be more than a few pounds.

There is no doubt that a few pounds of weight can also decrease the cart speed, but the golf course is not flat; the heavy batteries keep the cart from flipping over on the course.

13. Does temperature affect the battery life?

Yes, the temperature of the battery is an important factor that can affect the battery’s life. You may have seen that batteries go bad even if you don’t use them. The battery cells start going bad when exposed to heat for a long time. You may question why the new batteries are not affected even after a year in stores and warehouses. The batteries are not charged until they are sold.

The high temperature and the too low temperature can also affect the performance and life of the battery. If you keep your battery in a hot place, then you must change its place.

14. Can we use any battery charger to charge the golf cart battery?

Yes, if the charger has a specific voltage supply according to the cart battery. For example, if you are charging a 48V cart battery, the charge must supply the battery’s appropriate power. Using non-compatible chargers decreases the life span and the performance of the battery over the course.

However, some people try to charge it on solar power but it is not recommended as the battery does not get enough power to charge it. In the case of flooded batteries, one charger can be used for multiple voltage batteries.

15. Can we reverse the effects of a bad golf cart battery?

It is impossible to reverse the effects of a bad battery, but one can recharge to keep its cart battery in life. The shelf life of cart batteries cannot be reversed; therefore, if your v=cart battery has gone bad, it would be better to replace it with a new one. The battery timing cannot be improved once it has gone bad.

You may see many fake tutorials and tips to make your battery back to health, but it is not possible as once the battery cells go dead, this process cannot be reversed.


All these products are outfitted with the best quality material and have high performance.  As these products are shortlisted after long research, there is no need to worry if you will buy any of them. You can use a combination of the same type of batteries to use them for your golf carts or boats.

The trojan t-875 battery pack will be the option for you as it has very high performance and long battery life from all the above products. On a full charge, you can play 4 to 5 rounds of golf which is quite impressive. No doubt that these batteries are expensive but are true deep-cycle batteries.

If you don’t have the budget for trojan golf cart batteries, you can also see Milady 12V batteries with almost half I price but great n performance. We hope you will find the best product according to your need from our picks.

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