Best Golf Cart Batteries 8v Reviews

Best Golf Cart Batteries 8v Reviews

The golf cart batteries are an excellent investment for all the golfer who wants to spend maximum time over the golf course. Therefore, it is a piece of great equipment and an en expensive investment.

But besides all, it is worth considering an investment, and it can change your experience entirely over the golf course.

The golf cart batteries are powerhouses of the golf carts. Therefore, the batteries provide the golf cart’s power and let it stay for a long time over the golf course. With a single recharge, the batteries can cover more than 13 miles. But, this value may vary reliant on the battery’s configuration and model.

As the technology has improved several other products, the battery has also been done with golf cart batteries. The battery you get at the present day has a very long lifespan, takes only a few minutes to get charged, and shows corrosion resistance.

The batteries are easy to install and easy to clean as well. You can use these batteries for five to seven years. But by taking care of golf cart batteries, you can improve their life span as well.

Countless batteries are available in the market, making selecting the best golf battery a little bit tricky for you. So, you need to remember the key features in mind while you will buy the battery. So, this way you can spend your money in the right place.

Therefore, the golf cart batteries review has been provided here. It would help you get the best golf battery for your golf cart.

Top Best Golf Cart Batteries 8v

1. Trojan T875 8 Volt, 170 AH Deep Cycle Battery:

The company is famous for providing high-quality products at an affordable price. All of these batteries are very durable and are just full of power.

The battery can be used fr golf carts and is a suitable choice for different other purposes.

The Trojan 8 volt golf cart batteries near me are among the best and perfect golf carts’ choices. The battery is designed in such a way that you can use them for different purposes.

Quick features:

  • Built with Trojan’s MaxGuard technology: The battery has been created with the  Trojan’s MaxGuard technology, which lets you get a perfect choice for your golf cart. Moreover, the battery is patented with the Alpha paste formula. The battery is very durable, and you can get more time at the golf course.
  • Warranty: The company offers you a warranty of 18 months. If during this time you did not feel satisfied, you can exchange the battery.
  • Low upkeep battery with proven reliability: The battery is highly reliable and always offers you a highly appreciable performance. All of these features make this golf cart battery a perfect choice for all of you.
  • Durable: The battery has been constructed from high-quality materials, making it the best and perfect choice for all of you as it can last for a long time. Above all, you do not need to stress about the maintenance of this battery as well.
  • Rugged case for the protection of the battery
  • the battery is entirely a suitable choice for the RVs, golf carts, solar panels, and the floor machine
  • the battery provides the maximum sustained power
  • Friendly and helpful customer services
  • The battery is used for a long time
  • Light in weight and easy to install
  • High price
  • No considerable cons yet

Final words:

The battery is just the perfect powerhouse for your golf cart. It offers you a maximum amount of energy as compared to all other batteries available in the market. The mower maintenance fee makes it a matchless choice for all of you.

The battery has been designed in such a way that it can provide maximum power to your golf cart. The battery can be used for more than 1200 cycles.

2. Universal Power Group UBGC8 8 Volt 200 AH Golf Cart Deep Cycle AGM Sealed Battery

The battery is completely light in weight which makes it easy to carry and install as well. The battery is durable and has a very safe design. The excellent functionality of this battery attracts everyone.

The battery show resistance to shock and vibration. The battery can be positioned in different ways. Well, the present battery would be a perfect choice for all those who have been searching for a powerful battery.

The battery can be recharged, and it is one of the key features that will save you time, money, and effort.

It is the best battery available in the market. The company offers you a warranty of one year. Now you can buy this battery with real peace of mind, as you would be able to return this battery if it fails to fulfill all of your needs.

Quick features:

  • Dual Purpose Design: The battery has been designed in such a way that you can use it for different other purposes as well, along with using them for golf carts. These batteries are a perfect option for your coaches as they can show highly appreciable performance.
  • Universal AGM Batteries: These batteries do not require any special charger, unlike other GEL CELL batteries. The experts recommend consulting the manufacturers before you try to use the charger for these batteries.
  • Leak Proof/Spill Proof: The battery is completely safe and free from leakage. So, this way, you can keep the battery protected from corrosion as well.
  • Excellent Customer Services: The company is very concerned about their customers. Therefore, they always offer you the best quality products and excellent customer services. So you can contact the company if you have any issue regarding the quality of the product.
  • Discharges very slowly
  • Flat and cycle le use.
  • Valve regulated
  • Absorbed glass mat
  • High-quality battery
  • Durable and highly recommended
  • Newer models are not available.
  • A little bit expensive

Final words:

The battery is designed in such a way that you can use it for golf carts and as well as for different other purposes. The batteries are highly recommended, and the credit goes to their worth considering features. The battery is durable, which makes it an affordable choice for you.

3. Megavolt Lead Acid Flooded GOLF CART AND SOLAR PANEL Battery

The company has been manufacturing high-quality lead-acid batteries. These batteries contain alloys of calcium, which can provide safe and the best possible solutions to all of you. Therefore, there are thousands of customers who used to buy these batteries all over the world.

The company tries to manufacture all of these batteries by making the best use of advanced technology. Therefore these batteries can last for a long time. The batteries can withstand the most challenging conditions just perfectly.

Quick features:

  • Maximum Performance: The battery has been manufactured from the best quality material and can last for a long time. Besides it, the advanced technology enables the battery to show a remarkable performance at the golf course.
  • Low Maintenance: The battery has been engineered so perfectly that you would not have to worry about its maintenance. So, you just need to get this battery and then use it for an extended long time.
  • Recyclable: The battery is recyclable as well well; this feature is one of the worth considering, which makes it an eco-friendly choice for all the golfer.
  • Golf Cart And Solar PanelUse: The golf cart is suitable for different types of products. For instance, you can use these batteries for solar panels and golf carts.
  • Automotive maintenance fee batteries
  • Great golf cart batteries
  • Inverter batteries
  • Marine starting, dual-purpose batteries
  • The best batteries for the heavy-duty
  • Available at an affordable price
  • The battery gets discharged quickly.
  • The battery is a little bit heavy, which makes it difficult to move.

Final words:

The battery is one of the best 8v golf cart batteries available in the market. It has been designed so beautifully and engineered so perfectly that you would find it the best and perfect choice for your golf cart. The battery does not take a long time to charge and can be used for along time. All of these features make it the perfect choice for all of you.


Buying Guide – Best Golf Cart Batteries 8v

Buying the best and high-quality battery for the golf cart is one of the most challenging tasks. Companies manufacture the batteries in different ways and always try to provide highly appreciable batteries by making the best use of advanced technologies.

Well, it is highly recommended always to read the comments and review. It will let you know bout all the pros and cons of that specific product. Besides it, you can check the rating as well. These reviews are one of the best ways to get an idea about the performance of the battery.

While you are buying the battery, you need to focus on several factors that let you know about the product’s quality.

So, if the reviews are not satisfactory and you need to know more about the features of the 8V batteries, you can get through this buying guide. It will let you get all the required information to help you select the best product.

Type Of Battery:

You will find two different types of batteries, including the gas and electricity battery. The price of electric batteries is meager as compared to gas batteries. Besides, the gas-powered batteries require less charging. Therefore, electric batteries have become a popular option for all of you.

Moreover, lead-acid batteries would be a perfect choice for all of you. And these batteries are considered to be the best choice for golf carts. Besides it, the NiCd, Li-ion has reduced the space required by the lead-acid batteries.

But these batteries are unable to compete with lead-acid batteries. Moreover, NiCd batteries are a threat to human beings. Therefore it is highly recommended to altogether avoid these batteries. That’s why you will find a limited usage of these batteries in the golf carts.

So, always try to choose a battery type which is entirely suitable for you just according to your needs.

Lifespan For a Battery:

The battery’s lifespan depends on its construction. It is a critical feature that most golfers do not bother when searching for the best battery for their golf carts.

The lifespan is the life of the battery during its discharge. Moreover, the depth of the release is also related to the lifespan.

For instance, if you get a battery with a rating of 425, it means that it is a 25A battery, and it can last for about 400 minutes.

The lifespan of the battery depends on the type of the loads as well. There are certain products for which the storm drains so quickly, such as GPS.

Lifecycle Of The Battery:

The lifecycle is one of the most important and crucial factors which you can never ignore while buying the battery for your golf cart. So, whenever you buy a battery, make sure that its life cycles are more than 600. And you can get a battery with 700 to 800 cycles as well.

The temperature and depth of the discharge can badly affect the lifecycle of your battery. Therefore, it is essential to take care of both these factors.

In the case of deep discharge batteries, the life span is not appreciable compared to external discharged batteries. So, the higher the load shorter will be the lifespan of the storm.


To increase the capacity, you can set up a parallel connection with the battery. Keep in mind, and it will never raise the voltage of your system.

For instance, when you combine the 6-volt deep-cycle batteries with flooded lead-acid battery type at 220 AH in the parallel combination, its voltage will rise to 440 AH.


Every manufacturer offers you a warranty. It is essential, as you can return the product or get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.

‘s quality.

Take some time and try to know about all the products’ features. So that you never regret your purchase. It is the best way to keep yourself from frustration and the wastage of money as well.

Try to read the fine print and then decide after making sure that it would not be a wastage of money. The best quality batteries would change your golf experience.

The warranty and the excellent customer services are the best way to develop trust in the customers. Moreover, this way you can ensure the customers that they are getting high-quality products.

Price And Budget:

Whenever you buy the batter for your golf cart, never forget to consider your budget. First of all, set your budget and then try to find the best battery within your budget.

You can find the best quality battery at an affordable price, but you just need to do a little bit of research. Once you got the batteries, you can compare them all to get the best one.


The body’s weight lets you get an idea that the battery would be adjusted in the golf cart. This way, you can make sure that the battery would not fall out of the golf cart.

The heavier batteries are comparatively more stable and will not cause any disturbance as the golf cart moves. But on the other side, the heavier batteries are a little bit difficult to move as well.

Battery Charging Time:

The charging time is one of the most important and crucial factors for all golfers’ golf courses. A battery with battery timings gives you the required confidence so that you can show an appreciable performance.

The batteries are essential for the driving cart. If the battery discharges so quickly, it would be problematic for you at the golf course. You will have to recharge the battery repeatedly.

Therefore, the charging time is worth considering, and most golfers ignore it.

The lead-acid batteries take about 8 hours to gets recharged, and Li-ion takes 15 minutes to gets renewed. So, in this scenario, the Li-ion batteries would be a perfect choice for you. These batteries take only a few minutes to get refreshed and last for a long time.

Terminal And Connections:

When you are buying the battery, never forget to check the cables you require to connect the battery. So, count the number of the terminals in the battery and then get the wires just accordingly. Besides it, you should also choose the charger, which is always designed for the specific battery.


The size of the battery is equally important as all other factors. As you that the batteries always come with different dimensions.

Just remember that the batteries are heavy and are a little bit difficult to transport. Therefore, you should take all the measurements before you get the battery for your golf cart.


You can get both a new or an old battery. The new batteries are one of the best powerhouses for your golf carts. The top-rated batteries are never older than six months.

It may surprise you that the golf cart batteries have a code, which lets you get various types of information, including the manufacturing dates and much more. So you can check the stickers present at the top right side of the battery and get the code. The code will let you get information about the battery.

For instance, if the battery has a code like F19. It means that the battery was manufactured in February 2019. if you read from left to right, the first character shows the month in which the battery was manufactured. The second figure shows the year of manufacturing.

So, check this information, compare it with other batteries, and then get the battery suitable for your golf cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: How to Clean Golf Cart Batteries?

The following are the steps which you can follow.
  1. An adequate amount of water is necessary to keep the battery working. So you can add a small amount of water over the battery plates. Remember that an excessive amount of water can also be the cause of corrosion.
  2. In case if you are not using the battery, then store it safely and correctly. But make sure that the battery is present in the correct way. It is essential to keep the charged battery at a place where the temperature is high in winter.
  3. Besides it, it is also essential to clean the terminals f the battery correctly. And for this purpose, you can either use a cleaner or take help from a wire brush. While cleaning the batteries, make sure that you are eradicating the dust and dirt. If you found a small amount of acid over there, you can use a pinch of baking soda as well.
  4. You just need to charge the battery only according to the instructions or requirements. For instance, you can charge the battery just after each use. Or, if the battery gets completely flat, charge the battery. But always follow the manual and then charge the battery accordingly.

2: What Types Of Golf Cart Batteries Are Out There?

The following four types of batteries are widespread and one of the most commonly used types of battery.

  1. Gel lead-acid batteries
  2. Lithium-ion golf cart batteries
  3. AGM lead-acid batteries
  4. Flooded lead-acid or wet cell batteries

Most users prefer flooded lead-acid batteries, as these batteries are not only a perfect choice for golf carts. But you can also be used these batteries if you want to go off-road as well.

Gel batteries or AGM utilize lead-acid batteries. All of the work is similar to the flooded lead-acid batteries.

3: How to Charge Dead Golf Cart Batteries?

Golfers can face countless problems, and dead golf cart batteries are one of them. Well, in the cold weather this problem becomes more severe and happens frequently. So, to avoid this type of issues, you can follow these steps:

  1. Take the help from the golf cart unit of battery to overcome this type of situation. The company will provide the required voltage to the dead battery, and as a result, the batteries can be recharged.
  2. When your battery has enough voltage, use the battery charger. The battery chargers are very simple to use, and they have a simple push-button. The charger provides the required voltage to the battery.

4: How Long Should 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries Last?

These batteries can last for about four to six years. In some cases, you can use them for about six to ten years as well.

5: Can I Replace Just One Golf Cart Battery?

If one battery is, try to replace all the batteries at once. Otherwise, it would cost you high shortly. So, it is recommended to change all of your batteries. 

6: How do you know when golf cart batteries are bad?

The following are the signs which show that this is the time to change the battery:

  1. Visual signs appear
  2. Charge time gets out of hand
  3. If you drive until the battery gets dead
  4. The battery can become sensitive

7: Can I Leave My Golf Cart Plugged In All Winter?

Never leave the batteries plugged-in in the winter, as it can damage the golf cart batteries. If you fail to recharge the battery once a month, you should disconnect the golf carts’ battery cable.

8: How Can I Make My Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer?

The following are the tips that can lets you use the golf cart batteries for a long time:

  1. Trickle charge the battery.
  2. Always use anti-corrosion lubricants.
  3. Prevent the corrosion
  4. Use the best and proper battery charger.
  5. Use the distilled battery to keep the battery hydrated.
  6. Keep the battery in a ventilated area.



The golfers want to spend a lot of time at the golf course. But in extreme weather conditions, it becomes difficult to stay for a long time as the players feel difficulty while moving at the system and their bags.

In this situation, the golf cart becomes the best option for transportation. So, this way, the golfers can quickly move and can enjoy their game entirely.

The golf cart batteries provide energy to the golf carts for a long time over the golf course. The batteries are available at an affordable price, lasts for a long time, and are very easy to install. Furthermore, you do not need to stress about the maintenance as well. So, all of these features make these batteries a preferable choice for all of you.

The golf cart batteries review, along with the buying guide, has been provided here. You can get through it to find the best quality golf cart batteries.

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