5 Best 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

5 Best 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

The golfers spend maximum time over the golf course and speed up the process, and the golf cart seems to be worth considering an investment.

At the present day, everything has been empowered by the batteries, and the same has been done with golf. The golfers keep a countless number of items in their bags. Therefore it becomes difficult for them to carry them all over the golf course. As a result, a golf cart seems to be an excellent option.

For the past few years, the golf carts were powered by petrol. Therefore they appeared to be an expensive option. Besides it, the golf carts were loud as well. But for now, just because of the advanced technologies the batteries have replaced petrol. Therefore, now you can get better, improved, and only a worth considering transportation mode over the golf course.

The golf carts can move between 8 to 13 miles on the golf course with a single charge. The figure may vary depending on the voltage, capacity, and configuration of the battery.

The golfers should work but the best 6 volt golf cart batteries for their golf carts as it can change your golfing experience over the golf course completely. 

But due to the availability of a long-range of batteries, the selection of the best cart battery could be a little bit tricky for you. Therefore, here we come along with the golf cart batteries review along with the buying guide. It will let you know everything to get the best battery and enjoy a better gaming experience over the course. 

Top 6-volt golf cart batteries:

1. Qty 4 VMAX V6-225: 6.2kWh 24V AGM Solar Battery

The company has been working for a very long to provide you the best quality products. The batteries are equally useful for energy storage applications.

The batteries contain military-grade plates, which let you use these batteries for an extended time. Moreover, the deep cycle capabilities make it suitable for reliable energy storage. The battery is strong enough to withstand the most damaging applications as well.

The best 6-volt golf cart batteries for RV have been designed so that these batteries can withstand repeated cycles. So that batteries remain charged even with minimum self-discharge in the standby power backup modes.

The batteries are made from high-quality materials, which lets you use them for a long time without worrying about maintenance.

The company offers you the best customer service to contact the professional in case of any issue. They will provide you the best possible solution for all of your problems.

Quick features:

  • Sealed: the battery offers you leak-proof operations in any position. Moreover, it will never cause adverse effects on capacity or service life.
  • Heavy Duty: the battery is capable and perfectly suitable for heavy-duty. With heavy-duty plates, the battery offers you an extra margin for performance and service life.
  • Long-Lasting: the battery has been made from the best quality materials, due to which you can use it for an extended time. So if you want to get the highest number of charges, this battery would be a perfect choice.
  • Maintenance Free: you o do not need to worry about the maintenance of this battery. Do not check the specific gravity of the electrolytes.
  • Best quality batteries
  • Great batteries for the solar application on RV
  • Easy to install
  • Batteries look good
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Durable
  • Batteries are not durable
  • A little bit expensive

Final words:

The batteries are highly durable and are capable of letting you drive the golf cart over the golf course for an extended time. The batteries are straightforward to install, can be charged with sunlight as well. Above all do not require high-maintenance as well.

2. Trojan T-125 6V 240Ah Flooded Lead Acid GC2 Deep Cycle Battery:

The flooded lead-acid batteries can last for a long time, which them perfectly suitable for the golf carts as they can last for a long time.

Keep in mind that the Trojan golf cart batteries require regular maintenance in the form of watering and from the equalizing charges. Moreover, always keep the top and terminals of the batteries clean. These batteries have thicker plates which can deliver less peak current. Furthermore, these batteries can withstand frequent discharging.

The batteries have been made from the best quality materials. They are designed so that they can let you get highly appreciable performance at the course. Moreover, the batteries s are highly durable and reliable as well.

Quick features:

  • Grid Technology: the battery contains an antimony alloy grid mixture formulation, which can optimize the electrons’ flow. Therefore, the storm can show exceptional performance. Moreover, it can reduce downtime and as well as lowers the overall maintenance costs of the battery.
  • T2 Technology: the batteries come along with a high-density paste, which has been engineered in such a way that it can deliver high-class performance. These batteries can enhance the sustained capacity and improve the overall ampere-hours as well.
  • Trojan’s Maxguard T2 separator is just like the multi-rib geometry, which can keep the acidic channels open for a long time. In this way, the chemical reactions keep on proceeded and reduce the risk for stratification as well. Moreover, these advanced features can also improve the battery timings and
  • Trojan T-125 wet cells: these cells are highly recommended for energy storage, and most of the solar energy applications, golf carts, and many other applications include these batteries.
  • Improved battery life
  • Decrease or less maintenance
  • The battery comes along with an extended run time.
  • Durable and reliable
  • The perfect solution for a variety of industries
  • Suitable for solar energy applications
  • Expensive
  • No cons have been detected yet.

Final words:

The company is well famous fr providing high-quality cycle battery technologies. Therefore, due to their advanced technology, the batteries can give you continuous power for an unexpected time. These batteries are well famous for their longest track record. Therefore, they are considered to be the best choice for all golfers.

3. Armstrong GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart

The battery is perfectly suitable for heavy-duty and comes along with several advanced technologies, which lets you get the best battery correctly for your golf cart.

It may surprise you that the chance of leakage from these batteries while traveling from the hilly areas is completely zero. The plates present in these batteries are highly durable and will never be dislodged. So you can move over bumps without any issue or stress.

The battery lacks the liquid. Therefore it will never freeze. So this way, the battery works efficiently and shows remarkable performance even in extreme weather conditions. The discharge rate is. Thereforemeager these batteries can withstand inactive periods for a long time.

Quick features:

  • Absorbed Glass Mat: with the help of AGM or absorbed glass mat technology, these batteries become entirely from the liquid from inside. Due to the absence of liquid, the batteries do not get the heat.
  • Hydrogen Emission: the batteries have several worths considering features, making them the best choice for all of you. Above all, these batteries’ hydrogen emission is very low, making it the best and perfect choice for you.
  •  Versatility: the golf cart batteries are incredibly versatile. Therefore you can use these batteries for different vehicle types, including marine cars, RVs, golf carts, solar and wind motors.
  • Design Of The Battery: the battery has been designed in such a way that it can reduce heat emission. So, the battery will never get heat, whether it was charging or discharging. Moreover, the battery gets charged so quickly and released very slowly and steadily.
  • Long life cycle
  • No freezing
  • Quick charging
  • Maintenance-free
  • High performance
  • Easy to install
  • Rather heavy
  • Pricey

Final words:

It is a maintenance-free battery, and it can last for about 750 charges. Therefore, you can use these batteries for an extended period. Moreover, these batteries are suitable for cold weather as well, as they will never freeze. So, in short, this was going to be a perfect choice for you as it has been loaded with advanced technology and could benefit you in several ways.

4. Golf Cart Battery US2200 XC2

The golf carts have unique and worth considering features that make them the best and a perfect choice for all of you.

Remember that it does not matter whether you are using the used or new batteries, but selecting the right battery is essential.

These batteries can keep or maintain the peak capacity for a more extended period between different charges. It is the best way to reduce the annual operating cost of these batteries. So this way you can enjoy all of your activities with real peace of mind.

Quick features:

  • Durable Construction:: the battery has been made from high-quality polypropylene. The connector lugs are reliable as well. All of these features make the battery extremely suitable for heavy-duty. Well, the boxes have been built in such a way that you can use them roughly for different vehicles.
  • XC2: the credit goes to the cell paste XC2 formulation. You can experience the highest rated capacity and the highest initial power.  
  • Diamond Plate Technology: every battery requires a reliable and effective structure to hold the cell pastes efficiently. The battery comes with a unique cell plate design. The XC2 formulation lets you get a unique and efficient cell plate design.
  • SpeedCap System: the maintenance of the batteries is very tough. But with a Golf cart Battery, this is not the case. The vent system is removable, locks into place, and is extremely easy to operate. 
  • The battery has been built to last along with a durable frame.
  • Highest initial and rated capacity
  • Multiple battery options for different applications
  • Easy to maintain and easy to install
  • Multiple battery options for countless applications
  • Highly recommended
  • Expensive
  • No cons yet

Final words:

The company offers you the best and high-quality battery. The battery is highly durable and lets you cover several miles over the golf course. The battery allows the golfers to feel confident and is worth considering an investment for all of you.

5. Power-Sonic PS-6100 6V 12AH Battery Replacement for Golf Cart:

It is a lead-acid battery that has been designed for general purpose usage and standby applications. The battery is completely sealed.

The battery offers you excellent performance in a wide range of applications, including security and fire protection systems as well. These batteries are also equally useful for medical devices, UPS systems, and emergency lighting.

The batteries ensure you perfect quality control and a high-quality through every step of the manufacturing process. The battery is entirely reliable to use.

The company is very reliable and has been working with well trained and highly experienced staff. So in case of any issue or problem, you contact the company without delay. This professional will provide the best possible solution.

Quick features:

  • Quality: the company manufactures high-quality products by using the latest technology. All of these batteries can provide you the most robust control over the golf cart. So you can get a battery which can offer high-performance and is entirely reliable.
  • Service: the manufacturers always offer your required products on time. Besides it, they also provide you excellent customer services. Here you can get the best quality products, with all the required specifications and features.
  • Experience: the company aims to provide you an exceptional end-to-end customer experience.
  • Absorbent Glass Mat: The battery can offer you a superior performance due to the high absorbent glass mat technology, making it the best and perfect choice for all of you
  • General-purpose battery
  • The power and volume ratio yields unrivaled energy density.
  • Valve regulated
  • Maintenance-free spill-proof performance
  • Rugged impact resistant ABS case and cover
  • Easy to install
  • Gets discharged quickly
  • Not durable;e

Final words:

The battery comes along with high-power energy density and absorbent glass mat technology. In this way, you can get a superior and durable battery for your golf carts. The battery offers you a highly appreciable and long-lasting performance, making it the best and perfect choice for you. Due to the impact-resistant ABS casing, you will find these batteries completely spill-proof. Above all, these batteries are entirely safer to use.

Best 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries – Buying Guide

While playing golf, the player has to cover the complete track all day, and no one wants to waste time. Therefore, a golf cart seems to be the best option that lets the players move all around the golf course without getting tired.

As the golf courses’ surface varies greatly, the golf cart should be strong enough to pass through different characters.  So, here comes the batteries which make the golf carts functional and robust enough to move over other surfaces without any issue.

As you know, a complete range of batteries is available in the market. Therefore the selection of the best battery could be an issue for you. By selecting a weak battery, you will waste your money.

To get the best rated 6-volt golf cart batteries, you can get through this buying guide to learn about the key features you must consider while buying the best golf cart batteries.

Voltage And Battery Configuration:

The voltage and ampere both are the most important and crucial factors which you need to consider.

Consider the water pipes, the current is just like the water flow in the tube, and voltage is the water pressure. So, in the case of golf batteries, the voltage defines the power these batteries can exert.

But remember that it is not only the voltage that can determine the power of the battery, along with voltage amperage, is also equally important. The amperes decide the time and distance your cart will cover with a single charge. Therefore, you can say that higher amps would let you cover more miles, or in simple words, you can cover more distance.

The voltage is considered a little bit more important if you want to enjoy a responsive ride. But getting the higher voltage, you may have to compromise over the distance.

Many players want to enjoy high speed, so you can get a battery high voltage if you are one of them. While on the other hand, if you’re going to spend more time on the golf course, you can choose the amperes.

Generally, the golf carts accept the 8V, 12 V, and 6V batteries, and their systems are arranged accordingly. You can check the battery of your golf cart by lifting the seat up. 


Before you buy the battery, it is highly recommended to look at the Construction of the battery to get a battery that completely matches your requirements and riding styles.

Remember that these golf carts’ speeds are minimal, so the coach may have to face difficulties while riding over the rough terrain. Therefore, you should always go for the batteries and the rugged sides, which show the resistivity to the cracks.

Always consider the batteries with short electrical protection. In this way, you will keep all the components safe and protected.


You need to get the charger according to the batteries you are using. For instance, if your golf cart is a 36V version, then your charger should be 36V.

As you know, most of the batteries are of a lead-acid type. Therefore the selection of a proper lead-acid charger matters a lot.

Suppose the charger cannot provide enough power. In that case, it can negatively affect the battery’s performance, which happens due to the sulfation. On the other hand, if the charger offers to overpower, it can increase corrosion level.


The batteries will never last for a long time, and they will expire after a specific period. They can provide you the necessary power for a certain number of cycles. And here, processes are referred to the charging and discharging of the battery.

As you changer and recharge the battery, the life of the batteries decreases. On average, a battery can go for about 700 to 1500 cycles. So, it is highly recommended to get a battery with more advanced cycling technology and ensure longevity or durability.

Type Of Battery:

For the golf carts, different types of batteries are available. You can get one of them just according to your requirements.

  • Gel Lead-Acid Battery: These batteries are highly recommended. They are durable and let the golf cart move over the rough terrain just perfectly. These batteries can move correctly over the cracked paths even if there are flaws in the outer coverings. The gels are sealed with a thickening agent in these batteries, which keeps the electrolytes wholly moisturized.
  • Flooded Lead-Acid Battery: Along with this, types of batteries are made from lead plates and sulphuric acid. These types of batteries are not sealed and are versatile. Above all, these batteries are the most commonly used batteries for golf carts.
  • AGM Lead-Acid Battery: Concerning technology, these batteries are among the most advanced and latest types of batteries. These types of batteries can perfectly withstand or resist the vibrations and withstand more inflexible usage as well. Keep in mind that these batteries are durable as well as spill-proof. These batteries contain fiberglass mat separators, which can keep the electrolyte still.

Check Out The Essentials:

Getting the batteries that come along with additional features is always an excellent choice for all of you. So, before you get the battery, always make sure that the company offers you all the required and additional features.

The additional features should include the warranty, service assistance, shipping cost, and delivery.


You can find batteries of different capacities in the market. Here the ability defines the power which the battery can store and supply.

For example, a battery will low capacity will not provide the necessary power for a long time.

The capacity of the battery is always measured in AH and is known as the amp hours. Therefore, you should always try to get high-capacity batteries that can run for an extended time.

Besides it, you can also combine the batteries with improving the capacity of your batteries. For this, you may have to get a parallel connection. Well, in this type of relationship, you may have to connect the positive and negative ends of one battery to the other. As a result, you would be able to get more power, and your cart would be able to run for a longer time.  

5 Best 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: How Long Do Batteries for Golf Cart Last?

The batteries can last for about 5 to 10 years, depending upon how you use the shower. Do not forget that maintenance plays a crucial role here. If you maintain the battery correctly, the battery will last for a longer time.

2: How to Determine Your Golf Cart Battery Voltage?

It is essential to determine the voltage capacity of your battery. There are different techniques which you can follow the under given steps:

  1. First of all, locate the compartments of the batteries.
  2. Count the holes present on the battery
  3. Then multiply the number of the holes by 2, as each compartment contains two holes

3: How Long Should a Battery Last On a Single Charge?

A single charge can keep you comfortably around the golf course wherever you go. Certain factors determine how long a battery can go with a single account. For instance, the hilly course can drain more energy, and as a result, the battery may not last for a long time. On average, a battery can go for about 25 to 40 miles.

4: Why Is the Battery for Golf Cart Draining So Quickly?

There are multiple reasons for this, and corroded connections and loose wires are one of them. The battery ma does not perform well if there is not enough water in the battery. Moreover, the quick charge or discharge shows that it is the right time to replace your battery.

5: Should Golf Batteries Be Charged After Every Use?

The lead-acid batteries should be charged after each usage. The battery should have enough change for another round and always try to use the battery completely before you recharge the battery.

If you use a partially charged battery, it can limit the storm’s overall capacity and performance.

6: Is It Okay to Leave the Golf Cart Plugged In?

No, the batteries should be charged between two discharged sessions. You need to charge the battery only after one cycle of discharge is complete. If you left the battery plugged-in, it means you are decreasing the life of the storm.

7: What You Can Do To Prolong The Life Of The Battery?

To use the battery for a long time, you can follow the under given steps:

  1. Clean the connections and terminals
  2. Water the battery correctly.
  3. Store the batteries in the correct way
  4. Charge the battery after reading the user manual


The batteries provide the required power to the golf carts. As a result, they can last more than expected and always offer you a comfortable ride over the golf course.

The golf carts are one of the best, exciting and fun vehicles on the golf course. These vehicles can drive you safely over the golf course for a long time.

With the advancement of technology, now these carts get the required power from the batteries rather than the petrol. And the coaches can travel for a considerable number of miles without getting discharged. So, if you want to use these golf carts at their best, selecting the best quality 6-volt electric golf cart battery is crucial.

Therefore, the top five best golf cart batteries have been reviewed in this article. Hopefully, this review, along with the buying, will help you get the best battery for your golf cart.

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