Best 6 Volt Deep Cycle Battery For RV

best 6 volt deep cycle battery for RV

Having an RV is like a home on wheels that needs a huge power supply to provide life to your all onboard equipment. So you ever wonder that how the RV’s travel long distances without requiring any electronic power from the plug all the way. Or you might think that which thing generates that huge power in the RVs. 

If yes, then we are here to provide you the real purpose of the golf cart batteries. These batteries are the source of such immense power in your RVs.

Often the golf cart batteries are known as house batteries because they permit you to enjoy all the luxuries of electronic devices on the RV’s too. Don’t think of these batteries as ordinary ones.

The right battery is much needed in the RVs because people usually use the RVs for long travel purposes or when they want to go camping in the forests. If the correct one is not installed, you might face many problems as the RV’s equipment needs a power supply to perform its duty.

As we mentioned above, the golf cart batteries are not like the typical ones; that’s why choosing the best 6V batteries for RVs is a difficult task. Don’t worry, if you know some specific information about the golf cart batteries, especially for the RVs, buying the perfect one is not a big thing to do for you.

We are here with the reviews of the top 6 golf cart batteries for RVs, which will aid you in opting for the right one for your RV.

Let’s dive into the article and find the best 6-volt golf cart batteries for RV!

Check out the listing below:

best 6 volt deep cycle battery for RV

1. VMAXTANKS V6-225 battery for RV:

This battery is considered one of the most reliable batteries one chooses for the RVs. It is a versatile battery which you can use for many purposes, such as in campers and boats. This battery’s features and abilities are made to be adjustable in every type of vehicle, like carts, with great ease and comfort.

The sealed design of this incredible battery makes it exceptional as compared to ordinary ones. This aspect ensures that the battery cannot spill or leak despite the vehicle’s mounting position. The sealed design makes it very convenient for the users during the installation process as you can easily place it in any position.

The most liked feature of this battery by the users is that its operation is maintenance-free. If you are a person who hates keeping up and giving water to the battery, then this battery is made for your easiness. The battery’s performance is good enough with a long life span whenever you install it in your RV.

Quick features:

  • Heavy duty: These batteries are featured as heavy-duty ones, which are outstanding for tough applications like their usage in the RVs. It gives extra margin in the performance as well.
  • High performance: This battery provides high performance whenever you take it with you in your RV for camping purposes. The high power supply, which is a need, is fulfilled by having this battery.
  • Maintenance-free: The most exciting feature of this battery is that it is free of maintenance. If you install this battery in your RV, you will be free to keep up or provide water, ease.
  • Great performance
  • Long life span
  • Multi-purpose
  • High amp
  • Good with solar panels
  • Heavy-duty battery
  • Maintenance-free
  • A bit pricy

Final words:

The company has made this battery for heavy-duty performance by keeping the things in mind that an RV needs. The performance and features of this battery are very amazing. If you want a long-lasting battery, then this is an ideal choice.

2. TROJAN T-105 plus 6V battery for RV:

The Trojan company is one of the famous companies for making golf cart batteries. This Trojan model is very tough and reliable, which you seek a battery whenever you go buying. This battery can be used in the RVs as it improves the battery’s life span.

This battery has used the latest technology of T2 in manufacturing which aids the battery to give maximized power to fulfill your needs in the RVs. The battery comes up with a low maintenance cost and works amazingly in every type of condition. The battery has a long life as compared to ordinary batteries.

The propylene manufacturing of the battery makes it more durable and compatible with almost every type of vehicle. The self-discharge rate of the battery is another attractive feature. This battery has almost all the qualities and performance for the RV drivers that you might look for in hard applications.

Quick features:

  • Vent cap system: This system enables you to do less maintenance as compared to other ones. The system also helps you give the battery water most easily, much safer, and quicker.
  • T2 technology: This innovation makes the battery more popular among the users. This technology in the battery increases its performance and working, which in return extends the life.
  • Embedded terminals: The battery has this type of terminals, giving improved durability to the users whenever they installed the battery in their RVs. The high the durability, the more will be the life of the battery.
  • Slow discharge
  • High-profile terminals
  • Low maintenance
  • Fiber-glass separator design
  • Distinct paste formula
  • Higher durability
  • Expensive one

Final words:

This battery costs high, but if you need a high-quality battery rather than a cost, then this battery will suit you in every way. There is no doubt in the battery’s performance and working as the company gives their best to the customers in every model they manufacture in the industry.

3. Lifeline GPL-4 CT 6V batteries for RV:

You can consider this battery as one of the most versatile batteries on the market as you can use it for multiple purposes and specifically for the RV. Once you use it, you can see a big difference in performance and efficiency than traditional batteries. This battery can do well in every vehicle like marine, trucks, etc.

This battery’s power level is extremely high as it gives an amperage of about 550, which can make you thrillingly amaze whenever you install it in your RV. The RVs need a high power supply to maintain life in it, so this battery will be your best companion in your long journeys for sure by giving high working.

The other highlighting fact about this battery is that it has a slow discharge rate, extending its life period. The sealed design of the battery also makes you fall in love with it as it provides you the ease of placing the battery in any position in your RV without the fear of any leakage or spill surely.

Quick Features:

  • Slow discharge-rate: The only 2% discharge rate of the battery makes its performance and working very well. It also increases the period of the life of the battery when installed in your RV.
  • High amperage: This battery gives an amperage of about 550 capacities by having low internal resistance inside the battery. Moreover, it gives a high power supply due to high amperage.
  • No leakage: The battery’s construction is well made, which prevents the battery from any leakage or spilling. Additionally, this battery is eco-friendly as it has no leaks of sulphuric acid, so you can use it freely.
  • Durable
  • Extremely versatile
  • Slow discharge rate
  • Great performance
  • Values good for the money
  • Best battery
  • It has a heavy weightage

Final words:

If you want a battery that proves extremely versatile, then this battery will surely work out for you in any condition. The battery is heavy compared to other ones nowadays, but it needs the right one for an RV.

4. Optima batteries OPT8010-044 6V battery for RV:

If you search for a 6V battery that works out perfectly in your RV, this red-top battery is the one you should buy. This battery provides various features that can ensure that your RV will work out amazingly without any difficulty. Having this in your RV will help you a lot in your long travels.

The battery has a great capacity of reserving the power, which ensures you that the battery will perform continuously with high quality. Moreover, it will make sure that your supply will consistently run even if your alternator fails in any case. This feature helps you in the worst conditions you might face during the journey.

Having this battery in your RV can help you travel in every type of temperature as its battery can run up even in the coldest temperatures. The build-up of the product is also very well made that you don’t have to worry about it whenever you have the wear and tear of your RVs in any condition during the long travels.

Quick features:

  • Optimal starting power: The enhanced power of this battery can start even in the hardest weather conditions. This feature helps you to travel to any part of the world without any worry.
  • Constant performance: Having this battery beside you will help you a lot in traveling long journeys. The constant performance of the battery provides you the ease and comfort of traveling.
  • Vibration resistant: This battery is up to 15 times resistant to shocks and vibration, extending the battery’s life in your RV. Often this problem arises, but this battery solves this for you.
  • Highly durable
  • Shock resistance
  • Weather-resistant
  • Consistent working
  • Values for money
  • High power
  • Not very long-lasting

Final words:

This battery comes up with great features and high performance at an affordable price in the market. Additionally, it is a very lightweight battery as compared to other ones. If you want a lightweight but rich of features battery for your RV, this will suit you.

5. Mighty max ML200-6 battery for RV:

This battery is considered one of the top batteries for RV purposes in the market. The battery gained this popularity due to various reasons and features. The battery’s unique design is one of the top reasons for this much recommended by the experts and the people who have used it in their RVs as a battery.

The battery’s manufacturing is done very well, and the battery’s body is made spill-proof, which most people. The leakage-free body helps you in mounting the battery in any position without any fear of spilling. Any type of mounting position provides convenience to the users in case if they have less room.

Its shock-resistant ability ensures the long-term performance of the battery. These capabilities allow you to travel with your RV without any difficulty as the battery will provide a high-quality power supply during the whole journey. There is no condition where this battery provides not a good performance.

Quick features:

  • Rechargeable battery: This battery can recharge at any time. All you need is to plug the wires in the switch and then start charging, which will help you in your journey with the recreational vehicles.
  • Temperature resistant: This battery can be your best partner in every type of weather condition. The battery will start no matter if it’s a cold night or a hot summer day; the battery will not disappoint you.
  • Maintenance-free: If you don’t like the battery’s maintenance very much, but you want a battery that has great features, then this battery is made for you with great efficiency in the RVs.
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Vibration-resistivity
  • Great starting power
  • Maintenance-free
  • Recharge-ability
  • Worth-buying
  • It comes with no mounting accessories

Final words:

If you need an affordable and budget-friendly battery for your RV, this battery will surely be your great travel partner. The battery provides great quality performance and appealing features, which will help you travel. If you don’t want to do a hole in your pocket, buy this.

6. Amstron GC2 6V battery for RV:

If you want to purchase a reliable battery for your RV, this battery will surely work out. You cannot rely on ordinary batteries in RVs as with them; you need a long-lasting battery that performs well. This battery performs very well in tough conditions with great efficiency and a high power supply.

The combo of AGM technology makes this battery more durable and compatible as compared to ordinary batteries. By having this battery in your RV, you can make yourself relax as it doesn’t leak on any shock or vibration. The AGM technology automatically saves the battery from any accidental leakage.

The battery has the power to withstand any coldest temperature you might face during traveling with your RV. Additionally, the battery’s power capacity is pretty well, so you can go without any difficulty. The low self-discharge rate enables the battery to lasts for a long period in your RV easily.

Quick features:

  • AGM-technology: This technology in its manufacturing made this battery hassle-free. Don’t worry about maintaining water levels in the battery, and you can travel freely.
  • Less heat generation: The battery design is created to lessens the heat generation whenever it charges or discharges, which gives the long cycles of the battery’s life.
  • Extremely versatile: The features of this battery make it very versatile. The battery’s adjustability is very high, and due to this, you can use it even in aircraft, boats, golf carts rather than RVs.
  • High performance
  • Best 6V battery
  • Maintenance-free
  • Durable body
  • Latest technologies
  • Spillage free
  • Highly versatile
  • It is a bit pricy

Final words:

If you buy this battery, you can mount this battery in any position as it can easily withstand vibrations and shocks without any outward spilling. This battery will provide you great power efficiency with high-quality features. Focus on the quality, not on the price, if you want a good battery.

Buying guide – best 6 volt deep cycle battery for RV

 As we mentioned above, the top 6 products regarding the best RV battery are now ready to buy the one you like. But before buying any battery, especially for RVs, it needs some things to keep in mind.

The selection of the best 6V battery for your RVs depends upon many factors. If you keep those things in mind, you will be buying the right one for your RV.

Let’s get to it!

Battery’s capacity:

The capacity of a battery is the most important aspect to consider before buying. The battery’s capacity is the capability of storing power and then serving it for a longer period. Always choose a battery that provides the best value for capacity.

The RV needs a great capacity battery that can easily supply power to all your equipment onboard. So, the 6V batteries will always a great choice to buy.

Battery maintenance:

The maintenance of the battery is very important if you want to work them properly in your RVs. Once you buy and then keep a check on whether your battery is fully charged or not, terminals are cleaned or not, etc., if you dislike the maintenance, then buy the maintenance-free one. The maintenance-free batteries provide much convenience to the users.

Life of battery:

It’s an obvious thing that the battery you buy would not remain forever, no matter what companies say. However, at least you can choose the one that lasts for a long time.

Check the battery’s durability before buying so that you don’t have to regret any regret after buying the battery, which might collapse after some time. Select the one which can remain for a bit longer period.

Quality of construction:

The build-up of a battery you are considering is very important to note. The 6V batteries have a reputation for providing great durability and longevity.

For the RV, you need a strong and sturdy battery that can bear the shocks and vibrations which are definitely on long camping journeys. A good product will already give you vibration or shock resistance.

Starting temperature range:

The people who need a great power supply from a battery in their RVs should consider this factor—all you have to notice that either it will start in extreme weather conditions or not.

The buyers want a 6V battery that can operate easily in the coldest weather without any freezing of acid inside. Similarly, sometimes you have to travel in warm weather, and then you don’t want that your battery fails. So select the one which operates in any weather condition.

Discharge depth:

Another essential factor in buying the proper battery for your RV is discharge depth. The companies provide the discharge depth in percentages to check which suits you and your RV.

Chose the discharge depth, which can increase the life of the battery and durability. Less the discharge rate; extend the life cycle of the battery.

frequently asked questions

1)    Which are the different types of 6V battery for RVs?

The 6V batteries come up in various kinds, which differ by their construction and working. We will provide you the brief knowledge about various types so that you can choose the right one for your RV. The flooded lead-acid 6V batteries are the common ones in the market.

The next one is AGM batteries, and these are the most versatile batteries you can use for different purposes. The gel and lithium-ion batteries are also available in the market, which is less common than the above ones. (source)

2)    Why we use the 6V golf cart batteries in the RVs?

The RVs need a high power supply to maintain all the equipment on the vehicle. That’s why the RVs require a battery that can perform for longer periods with consistency, and for that purpose, the golf cart batteries suit the most.

The golf cart batteries have thick plates inside, which provides a constant power supply compared to simple 12V batteries. Due to these abilities, people install golf cart batteries in the RV to go away from the civilization without any difficulty.

3)    What are the perks and problems of using a 6V golf cart battery in RVs?

If you have connected two 6V batteries in series with each other in your RV, then you will meet several advantages and fewer disadvantages. First of all, let’s talk about the advantages, these batteries provide you with higher amperage capacities than ordinary batteries.

Moreover, you can get a higher rate of charging and discharging this set up in your RV. The lifetime of the battery also increases in this way. The major disadvantage is that you will find out these batteries as the expensive ones.

4)    In which way the 6V golf cart batteries work out in the RVs?

Understanding the working of 6V batteries in the RV is very important to know to maintain them properly. First of all, there are only two primary ways to wire the batteries, either parallel or series. If you wire them in series, then it will extend the life span of the battery.

The attaching of wires with the right terminals is another essential step if you want that your batteries work out properly. Once the setup is installed completely, then the 6V batteries provide you the power of a 12V battery in your RV.

5)    Is the 6V battery is far better than the 12V battery in the RVs?

You cannot find the accurate answer to this question because it mostly depends on your preference. Some people prefer the two 6V golf cart batteries and then properly install them in their RVs. It suits them in a better way.

On the other side, some buyers want to buy the 12V battery for their RVs. There are some reasons behind this decision: the 12V batteries are cheap compared to 6V batteries, and some people find them more convenient for long travel.

6)    At least how many years a 6V battery lasts if I use them in my RV?

This question’s answer depends on different factors, so we will answer you by considering different aspects. First of all, if you are a person who maintains their batteries properly or keeps a check on them weekly, they will last for 4 to 8 years.

That’s the thing that makes the 6V batteries more reliable than 12V batteries as they have a short period. If you don’t maintain your batteries properly, they will last for two years. So buy the maintenance-free one.

7)    Does my 6V battery need charging even when I am driving my RV?

No, once you charge it properly before going, it will not need further charging while driving the RV. There is a way you can pass the charge to your battery in case of any mishap. If you have an alternator, then you can do this.

If you put an alternator in your engine, your 6V battery will start receiving a charge when driving on the road. You can run your generator in the RV by having this alternator, helping you with different things.

8)    How can I install my 6V batteries in my RV for proper working?

By following only four steps, you can easily install your RV batteries and then work them out properly for sure. If you are hesitant to do such electronic work, you should hire an expert as it is important for you and the battery’s safety.

If you can do it on your own, then wire the batteries in series to gain the power of 12V. Then make connections to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. After this step, ground the negative terminal of the cell. Finally, you made it.

9)    Which maintenance tips should I keep in mind for the long working of the 6V battery?

If you care about your battery properly, it will properly meet your needs too. The tips vary from model to model, so after buying each battery, you should read the manual as it will help you a lot in maintaining your battery correctly.

However, some tips are general, and you can apply them to every model. First of all, if you have a flooded cell battery, keep a check on the electrolytes. Secondly, keep the terminals of the battery clean from any corrosion, and lastly, charge them often.

10) How can I use my 6V battery properly in my RV?

If you have already properly installed the batteries, then there is nothing left behind to do. After the complete installation, start your RV to check whether your battery works out properly or not. If the battery works out great, then you can now go on the journey.

Now the batteries will do the rest of the work and provide you the power supply you need for the equipment on the board. All you have to do is maintain the batteries and charge them properly before traveling.


This article puts much effort into providing you the best products and the correct knowledge about buying the right 6V batteries for your RVs. All the six products mentioned above are best in their way, that’s why choosing the one is a complicated task.

In our recommendation, the best among them is the Trojan T-150 plus 6V battery, which will prove to be the best companion for you in the RV journey. The Trojan is one of the most famous companies for making batteries in the market for years.

The same goes with this battery as it provides you the best features and amazing performance at an affordable price. If you buy this, it will not disappoint you in any surely.

No matter which one you choose, it will help you a lot in your long travels with RVs with great efficiency. So you are allowed to choose the best possible choice in just a few minutes by reading this guide on the best 6-volt golf cart batteries for RV.

I hope you find the perfect one for your RV!

Willie R. Yother

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