What Happens If Golf Cart Batteries Run Out Of Water

What Happens if Golf Cart Batteries Run Out of Water

You may have encountered a situation in which you didn’t know what was wrong with your battery, but then you googled and got to know that your battery might be low on water. Right? That’s precisely what happened to me. I was wondering for over a week why my battery is not working efficiently. Then I got to know that the water level is an essential factor behind it.

I topped up the battery, and it did the trick. I water it now and then whenever I see that it is lowering. You should also check the water level every month so the battery doesn’t run low on water. But there is some technical stuff that you should know beforehand, and that’s what I am going to discuss today.

There are a few batteries that require daily watering, but some don’t need any maintenance. But today, we will discuss the lead-acid battery and how you can water them.

So let’s get started before your golf cart battery gets damaged.

What happens if the battery dries out?

The batteries used in golf carts are usually lead-acid batteries. These contain positive and negative plates that are completely submerged in an electrolyte. This electrolyte keeps the battery from corrosion.

Different batteries created for various purposes have a different amount of electrolyte in them. The electrolyte helps the battery to get fully charged once discharged. The surface area of the plates usually defines the capacity of the batteries.

When the electrolyte decreases inside the battery, a part of the plate is exposed to the air. This part doesn’t take part in the charging of the battery. It causes that part of the plates to corrode, and they do not take part in the usage of the battery, thus decreasing the efficiency of the water.

You should have a close eye on the water level inside your golf cart battery as it can damage it seriously if it remains out of water for a long time. You can create a regular maintenance plan or check the water every week to ensure it doesn’t fall below the recommended level.

Why Does the Battery Need water?

There are certain factors due to which the battery needs water inside it. These are:

  • The water or electrolyte level keeps the plates of the battery submerged into water that allows them to perform at their maximum and provides sulphate ions that help in charging and discharging.
  • If the water level decreases from a certain point, the plates can get corroded and can eventually be damaged, and you will have to spend a few extra bucks to buy a new one.

How does the battery run out of water?

The golf cart battery may run out of water quite a lot. It can be due to any reason. If you overcharge your battery most of the time, it may start to evaporate the fluid inside the battery that causes a decrease in the battery’s life.

It is sometimes normal because the battery uses the electrolyte to work more efficiently, so you should keep the water level topped up if you need the best results.

Why is Distilled Water used instead of Tap water?

The golf cart batteries are always filled with distilled water because it doesn’t contain any ion that may damage the plates. Pure or tap water contains many unwanted chemicals and ions that can damage the plates inside the battery. It would cause your battery to lose its life and permanently be damaged if the plates became corroded.

What Happens If Golf Cart Batteries Run Out Of Water

How to add water inside the battery?

To add water to your battery, you need to follow a few steps. You can follow my lead on this to efficiently water your golf cart battery.

  1. Firstly, you will need a bottle of distilled water. The amount required may depend upon the requirement by the battery. If you have recently added water, then you won’t need enough water, but if you have not watered it for a while, then be ready to add lots of water.
  2. Now, wear your safety gloves. They are not necessary but wearing them as a precautionary measure will be a good thing for you. You can also wear some glasses if you want.
  3. Now, open up the lids from each plate and check if the water level is low. If you think it’s low, pour some water into it until it is filled up to the recommended mark. You should check the water levels before charging to make it more efficient.
  4. Now that you are done, you should remember that you should never overfill the plates. It can also be damaging for them as the electrolyte’s specific gravity increases, thus making it harmful for the battery.

You will need to be careful while watering your battery because one wrong step can seriously damage your battery, and then you will have to empty your pockets to drive your golf cart again.

If you are thinking about filling the frequency, you should consider how much you use it. If you regularly use the golf cart, then the water level will decrease significantly quickly. But if it is not in enough use, it can survive a few months before asking for water.

How to repair a dried-out battery?

If you are out of batteries and money as well, then you might consider repairing your drained-out old battery. But to make you happy, it is an effortless task. Didn’t you know that? But I think now you know.

Those batteries are not very efficient and can be used for only a short time. They will take more time to charge and be discharged much quicker, but something is better than nothing.

You only need to add water inside the battery to make it up and running. Firstly open the lids present on the upper surface of the battery. You can use a screwdriver to do this quickly. Now use your phone’s flashlight to see inside the battery to know how much water is required.

Now run to the store and buy distilled water, or if you have any at home, then that’s a fortune. Add the water to the top and leave it to charge. Once it gets fully charged, install it in your golf cart and enjoy the ride again. But make sure you buy a new one as soon as you can.

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Now you know why watering your golf cart batteries is essential. It would be best if you were topped up so that your battery can charge and work efficiently. This water dries out due to overcharging, so make sure you don’t do that either.

Now I’ll take my leave. I hope this knowledge is enough for you. If you have an old battery that needs repairing, I guess that can be a great start.


Willie R. Yother

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