How To Read A Battery Charger Amp Meter

How to Read a Battery Charger Amp Meter

Battery plays a very crucial role in our daily life. But a drained battery can be frustrating at the same time for the users.

By correctly reading the battery charger, one can improve the battery timings and boost battery life. It is the best way to keep your battery safe from all sorts of damages.

Still interested in knowing more about the ampere meter or How To Read A Battery Charger Amp Meter? Stay here and complete your reading.

What is Amp Meter?

Current flowing through any circuit is measured in amperes, and ampere meter is the instrument that counts the number of amperes passing through a circuit.

All the vehicles come with an ampere meter, which lets the driver know about the current flowing. Therefore, the driver can monitor the current flowing through the charging system.

The amp meter shows the current direction and shows the number of amperes flowing through the circuit.

The amp meter is connected to the charging system. So when the required amount of current flows through the circuit, the amp meter shows a positive signal. But if the charging systems fail to get the required amperes, the amp meter shows a negative sign. So, this is the way an amp meter works.

The amp meter, which can measure the alternating current, is known as the AC ammeter. The instrument that can measure the direct current is called the DC ammeter.

Well, most people get confused between an ampere meter and voltmeter. The voltmeter is used to measure the voltage or the potential difference.

Types of AMP Meters

Different types of amp meters are available. All of them vary depending on their design and the type of current flowing through the ammeter. The following are the major types of ammeter.

Permanent Moving Coil Ammeter

In the permanent coil ammeter, the conductor through which the current is flowing is placed between the permanent magnet poles. When the current begins to flow, the amp meter will start recording the reading.

The motion or deflection of the needles depends on the magnitude of the current flowing through the circuit. You can use this type of ampere meter to measure the direct current only.

Electro-Dynamometer Ammeter

As compared to other amp meters (moving iron ammeter and coil ammeter), it is one of the best and the most reliable method of detecting the current. This type of ammeter is used both for the measurement of direct and indirect current.

The collaboration of this instrument enables the amp meter to measure both AC and DC. But without any collaboration, you can use this meter to measure the AC only.

Moving Iron Ammeter

In a moving coil ammeter, the coil moves between two different poles of the permanent magnet. The current flows through the coil, and the coil shows the deflection at a certain angle.

The deflection of the ammeter depends on the amount of current flowing through the coil. You can use this type of amp meter to find both current, i.,e, AC and DC.

Rectifier Type Ammeter

It can measure the alternative current. The tool can efficiently change the current flow direction and pass it to the permanent coil ammeter. And this happens with the help of rectifying instrument.

The ammeter is utilized to measure the current in the communication circuits. Well, you can use this instrument to measure the alternating current.

How To Read A Battery Charger Amp Meter

How to Read a Battery Charger AMP Meter

Amperes and voltage are interlinked with each other, but they are not alike. For instance, most of the batteries have a capacity of 12 volts, but that does not mean that you would have to provide 12 amps to recharge the battery. But if the battery is getting more amperes, it will not take a long time to get recharged.

Several chargers are used to send only a few amperes to the battery when it charges completely. In this way, the battery is keep protected from overcharging.

Here, a step by step guide is described just below, which lets you get an idea about the way you can read the battery charger AMP meter:

  1. Connect the positive terminal of the charger with the positive end of the battery. Similarly, connect the opposing end of the battery with the negative terminal of the battery. Or connect the battery charger with the battery.
  2. After connecting the battery with the charger, you need to make a few changes or settings. For example, make the changes like ampere setting, voltage setting, etc., just according to the charger’s model.
  3. You need to connect the battery charger to the electrical outlet and then turn the power on and set the timer.
  4. Well, for now, the timing settings are dependent on the battery model and the charger model. If you are not sure about these settings, you can also check the user’s guide or user’s manual and know about the time settings lengths.
  5. Now check the charge state of the battery. To check the location of the gauge pointer, first of all, check the gauge pointer. The amp gauge will let you know about the charges flowing through the charger to the battery. For example, at either 1 or 2, the battery is almost fully charged, so you need to disconnect the charger.
  6. But when the charge is connected with the battery, read the ammeter. If the needle points towards ten amps, but as you will keep charging the battery, the needle will keep dropping. As the needle comes to 1 or 2 amperes, it means that the battery is just about to get fully charged.

Benefits of Using a Battery Charger Amp Meter

The following are the benefits which you can get from an ampere meter:

  1. Ampere meter keeps the battery protected from over-charging.
  2. Keep the battery fully charged all the time.
  3. Extend the battery life.
  4. It lets you know about the amount of current which the battery is getting.


The battery and battery charger play a crucial role in every vehicle. You can get the ampere meter to let the users read the amount of current the battery is getting.

Moreover, the ammeter also gives an idea of when the battery gets fully charged. In this way, the ammeter keeps the battery protected from overcharging as well. 

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