How Much Does A 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery Cost

How Much Does a 6 volt Golf Cart Battery Cost

If you are a true golfer, there is no chance that you play golf without a golf cart as we all know that using a golf cart in playing adds in a lot of support for the golfer. A golf cart is used to add more performance to the game, and it is only possible when the golf cart batteries used are of high quality.

If the battery used is of low quality, there will be a fair chance that it may stop performing in the mid of the game. To avoid such mishaps, we suggest using a good-quality battery for your golf cart. When you notice that the battery has completed its lifespan already, replace it.

Choosing the correct battery will play a significant role in boosting your performance. We recommend using a 6-volt golf cart battery for a better result. Here we will discuss how much a 6-volt golf cart battery cost in different brands.

Cost of 6 Volts Golf Cart Battery

Golf is a game where you can add more value when using the golf cart’s correct golf cart battery. Using a low-quality battery will ruin the fun and affects badly on a golfer’s performance.

We highly recommend using a 6-volt battery for your golf cart. Here we will discuss different brands that how much they charge, and the benefits and shortcomings of each brand. It helps you to select better the battery that fits your specific requirements better.

So, without further delay, let’s dive into the details.

How Much Does A 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery Cost

Trojan Batteries

The Trojan is one of the oldest brands since the 1920s. It is one of the most reputed brands for manufacturing golf cart batteries that have an excellent lifespan. A lot of golfers find this brand as a leading one among all the golf cart batteries.

Trojan manufactures high-quality lead-acid batteries, which perform with excellent efficiency. A lot of brands confess that Trojan has set the too high for other competitors. These batteries’ discharge speed is slow enough to play the entire game carefree without a doubt of turning off.

The 6-Volt Trojan T-105 batteries are the premium edition. This battery is known for its reliability, longevity, performance, and cost-effectiveness. One of the primary reasons that make it stand above all is the lifespan of these batteries.

They can be easily be charged and discharged around 750 times. The deep cells installed in the batteries prevent early degrading, which happens due to regular charging. The cost of the Trojan T-105 6 volt battery is $182.84. 

How Much Does A 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery Cost
How much does a 6 volt golf cart battery cost

Amstron Batteries

Amstron is not an unfamiliar name if you belong to the golfers’ community. They are known for manufacturing maintenance-free and technologically advanced units of batteries. There is no chance that these batteries will show the problem of leakage.

The plates installed in the batteries are of a high-quality and durable that’s why they do not get affected or dislodged by the bumps and vibrations when searching for the ball on a rough surface. The battery manufacturing is designed so that it doesn’t get overheated while charging and discharging.

This feature of avoiding overheating allows providing a better lifespan to the battery. These batteries don’t take ages to charge, and once charged fully, and they take enough time to consume all the energy for discharging. Even in extreme weather, there is no freezing probability, making it stand out among the odds.

The discharge rate is low enough, which helps accommodate periods when the cart is inactive. Amstron batteries are maintenance-free batteries that have a lifespan of up to 750 charges. This feature will allow your golf cart to travel for years without any tension for checking if the water is there or not.

It will stay in the proper condition even in very cold weather, and no liquid will be freeze. The cost of the Amstron battery is $85.

Exide Battery

Exide is one of the well-known names in the industry of battery development. Over the decades, they have built an impressive reputation in the market. When we talk about golf cart batteries, Exide batteries have a pretty excellent reputation.

But, unfortunately, when we talk about lifespan, it doesn’t have a reasonable lifespan than other competitive brands. When we talk about the batteries, they are of fine quality. The cast on the battery’s strap helps to avoid vibration when moving on the rough and uneven surface.

Exide has always provided the best durability and quality to its customers. The life cycle is the only part where Exide lacks behind. The cost of a 6 Volts battery is $120.

How Much Does A 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery Cost

Lifeline Marine AGM Batteries

Lifeline marine products are basically made for the marine’s market. But they are equally beneficial for the golf cart as well.

Their batteries are approved by the US Coast Guard and are hand-made in the USA to be used in US military vehicles. These reasons are fair enough to rely on this brand as the US Coast Guard doesn’t approve any below-to-the-mark product.

It is a deep-cycle battery that is highly competitive and can easily accommodate several deep cycles. These batteries are constructed to be highly durable and can easily cross through 1000 cycles at fifty percent depth charges. At eighty percent depth discharge, these batteries provide a 750 cycle.

When we compare these with the available chargers in the market, proving Lifeline batteries as the most easy-to-use and power-efficient batteries. There is the slightest chance of damage or leakage like an AGM battery. These batteries come with a five years warranty which is pretty much good enough to trust this product.

These batteries are entirely versatile, which was basically developed for marine applications. By the time, they have proved to be equally beneficial for the golf cart as well. We highly recommend the lifeline marine batteries as they provide every reason to put confidence in this brand.

These batteries come with a five years’ warranty and are approved by the US Coast guard are enough reasons to expect these to be one of the best options. The cost of the battery is $220.


Golf cart batteries play a significant role in a golf player’s performance. If the battery is working fine, the golfer can play without any worry or doubts that the golf cart battery may die at any moment. If it happens, there will be a noticeable effect on the performance of the player.

For better performance, we suggest using a high-quality golf cart battery to enhance the player’s efficiency. We have found the 6-Volts battery a suitable fit for outstanding performance. Here we have discussed the most re-known brands that offer the best quality 6-V battery and their costs.

We hope you will find it helpful to select a suitable golf cart battery for your game. Best of luck!

Willie R. Yother

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