How Much Do Golf Cart Batteries Cost?

How Much Do Golf Cart Batteries Cost?

Golf cart batteries are considered a one-time expense as they are expensive, especially if you go for a high-quality one. Batteries work very well for a couple of years if a person takes good care of them. Many people with golf carts are not sure how much they should spend on a battery because they lack that knowledge.

This article is for all those looking to buy a golf cart battery and know how much amount is the right amount to spend on it.

Essential Factors

One should keep in mind certain factors when doing their market research for a golf cart battery. One must be aware of their priorities to ensure that one makes the right purchase.


You must know how much money you can spend on a golf cart battery. Because people often do not realize that the battery they have been suggested to buy is expensive. Therefore, when planning to buy a battery for their golf cart, one must know much they can spend.

While they search for a battery, they can inform sellers about their budget, so the sellers only suggest batteries under that particular range. Doing this will surely save you a lot of hassle, time and avoid overspending and regretting it later on.


Another factor that one must consider while buying a battery is checking the battery’s condition. Doing this is essential if you plan to buy a second-hand or refurbished battery because it is vital to know how the old owner treated it.

An old battery does not necessarily mean that it is in bad condition. Some people take good care of their golf cart battery, ensuring that it lasts as long as possible. You can either get it checked by an expert or ask the seller questions regarding the battery to determine its condition.


When you consider buying a golf cart battery, you should ensure that you look for one with the original or high-quality charger. Doing this can save you money. When you negotiate the charger and the battery together, you can get it cheaper than if you bought the charger separately.

There is no necessity that this should be done however it is beneficial. One can buy the charger from the same shop as they buy the battery from, given that it is being purchased from the same shop.


It is essential to figure out how much of the golf cart will be utilized and how much it will stand in a garage, not being used. If you play daily, you should buy one that is of high quality to bear everyday use.

Similarly, suppose you do not play a lot, like only once a week, once a month, or maybe even once every few months. In that case, you can compromise on the quality a little because as it does not get used daily, a lower quality battery will suffice and do the job for you.


Name one thing that is perfect other than getting a battery that has a warranty. If it starts to cause you trouble, it can always get replaced, which is not the case with those used ones, and the warranty has expired.

Having a battery warranty is an additional benefit and not a primary factor one should consider when looking for a battery. However, as mentioned before, it is a great help. It can save you from spending more money on a new battery if the older one malfunctions.

How Much Do Batteries Cost?

Many factors determine which price range you should pick. For example, if you have a powerful golf cart, that would require an equally powerful battery, too, and those kinds of batteries can be as expensive as $2000.

On the other hand, if the golf cart is not very powerful, one can get their hands on a cheaper battery, ranging from $800 to $1500. Again all these figures depend on the type and quality of golf cart you own and other factors such as your budget, availability of batteries, etcetera.

How to make your new battery last as long as possible?

When you buy a new battery, the best thing you can do to make it last as long as possible is to start caring for it from the beginning. You might be doubting what you can do to make your battery lasts for a good couple of years. Some tips for maintaining your golf cart battery;

Sufficient charging

Charging your golf cart battery sufficiently is vital to ensure that it lives a long life. Many people are not aware that a golf cart battery’s life decreases faster than expected. It is the case If it doesn’t receive the required amount of charging required to charge the battery completely.

Even if the golf cart has not been used a lot, one should keep it on a charge to ensure that it gets fully charged for subsequent use. Similarly, charging it too much can also cause issues as life depreciated this way too.

Water Level

Golf cart batteries require water, too, to function correctly. That is why you should check the water level as often as possible to ensure that it is enough for the battery to not malfunction. It is advised to add water after charging it to work as efficiently as possible when used the next time.

Similarly, adding too much water can also cause problems and lead to the battery not working. Due to this, you will have to spend your money on getting it repaired or maybe even buying a new one if the current one has been damaged beyond repair.


If you get your battery services every six months or after a year is essential, and it plays a massive role in keeping the battery alive for longer. Servicing is done by experts who can run tests to ensure that it is doing well, and if there are issues, you can find that out during the diagnosis.

Servicing your battery is just like getting a haircut now and then. So have a more fresh look and get rid of any dead or damaged hair that could be hindering the growth of healthier hair. If you do not service it, you might not find out if there is a problem, and issues would continue to grow and may even become irreparable.

Early diagnosis can save you time and money. When a person is identified with a deadly disease like cancer during the early stage, the chances of survival are usually much higher than in the last stages. The same thing applies to golf cart batteries too.


Buying the correct battery is not challenging if you do your research well and ask the right people. No need to spend a luck to get a good quality battery. It may seem expensive when you are buying it. But you will realize a few years down the line what an excellent investment is to invest in a good quality battery.

Make that investment so you cannot only save yourself the hassle of replacement but years worth of peace and money that a low-quality battery would cost you.

Willie R. Yother

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