Gas Golf Cart Battery Voltage

Gas Golf Cart Battery Voltage

Imagine you are going to pick up the ball, and suddenly your Gas Golf car stops. Now you are wondering what happened and then you realized that the battery died. Won’t it inconvenient to not know what battery voltage is required for your Gas golf cart to work correctly?

Yeah. It will be, and most people don’t remember the volt rating on the battery. But there are easy ways to determine the voltage of your battery. If I am honest, it happened to me once. That’s why I am trying to help out as many people as possible, so they don’t have to go through what I encountered.

Generally, the Golf Carts are of two types, Gas Golf Cart and Electric Golf Cart. The Gas golf cart usually has a 12Volt battery, and the electric golf carts have variable battery voltages. But still, I will teach you how to check the voltage rating of your battery precisely and why a Gas golf cart uses a 12 Volt battery.

So stay with us till the end. It will be beneficial for you, and if you want to skip, then go ahead, you may not find this valuable information anywhere else.

How to Determine the Voltage of a Battery

Determining the voltage of a Golf cart’s battery is a pretty easy task. But there are batteries with different sizes and volt ratings so let’s see them one by one.

One should remember that these batteries are coupled together to power a high-voltage golf cart. You can find these batteries underneath the seat of your golf cart.

1. 6-Volt Battery

You can identify a 6-Volt by just looking at the lids. In a battery, every cover has a 2-Volt cell underneath. So it means that if your battery has three caps, it is a 6-Volt battery.

It has the highest amperage as compared to the other batteries. This battery is used in a battery system that contains two or more similar batteries to increase the voltage.

2. 8-Volt Battery

To identify an 8-Volt battery, you will see that your battery has four lids on top. Underneath each top, there is a 2-Volt cell. So as a whole, these four 2-volt cells make up one 8-Volt battery.

These batteries are used in a system in a 36-volt electric golf cart. These 8-volt batteries have less amperage as compared to an 8-volt battery. The 6-volt and 8-volt batteries are primarily used in golf carts.

3.12-Volt Battery

Now you may have guessed this one, and I know you are correct. The 12-volt battery will have six lids or tops under which you can find a 2-volt cell. These batteries have the least amperage and are rarely used in golf carts.

A 48-volt or 72-volt cart usually has a 4 or 6 battery system installed. These carts are highly Powerful and can run at a fast speed. If you have an expensive and powerful Golf cart, they will indeed have a 12-volt battery system.

A 12-volt battery is used in a Gas golf cart because it reduces the wiring cost and is also lightweight. One battery will surely be much lighter than two. It will also take up less space under the golf cart’s seat, and whenever you want to replace it, you only have to buy one battery.

Why Does Gas Golf Cart Use 12 Volt Battery

The Gas Golf Cart uses a 12-Volt battery because it is highly durable and robust. The 12-Volt battery has the lowest amperage, due to which it is preferred inside a Gas Golf Cart.

If you use a powerful Gas golf cart, you don’t have to worry much about finding the voltage as you already know a 12-volt battery runs them. These batteries can also be in a pair of two or three, according to your golf cart.

Gas Golf Cart Battery Voltage

Difference Between 12-Volt Battery with other Voltage Batteries

The differences between a 12-Volt and other voltage batteries are:

1. Amperage

The 12-Volt battery has the lowest amperage as compared to a 6-volt and an 8-volt battery. This property makes this battery more durable and has a longer life-span. These can experience long periods of charging and discharging.

2. Appearance

The Appearance of a 12-Volt battery is not so much. The 12-volt battery will have six lids on top, while the other will have three or four covers. Each of these lids will have a 2-volt cell.

3. Power

The 12-volt batteries are more potent than other voltages. These are used to run heavy appliances and machines such as your Gas golf cart. So if you have a powerful and expensive golf cart, it will have a 12-volt battery.

Benefits of Using 12 Volt Battery

The 12-volt battery reduces the cost of wiring to half in contrast to a 24-volt battery system. These provide a safer and constant DC voltage to your Golf cart. The 12-volt batteries are designed to give maximum and continuous power until they are 80% discharged.

Disadvantages of Using 12 Volt Battery

The 12-Volt batteries are more expensive and difficult to maintain as compared to other voltages. But most of the appliances, especially at your home, are run by a 12-Volt battery.

They will require regular maintenance with filling up of water at regular intervals. The water will dry out more quickly in the summer season and can be frozen in winters.


Now your Cart and your journey will be safe. You don’t have to worry much now after reading this article. And if you haven’t read and you skipped to here, then I’ll warn you that will be a severe mistake.

In this article, I told you how you could quickly check your battery’s voltage to replace it with a new one. I also told you the benefits of having a 12 V battery in your Gas Golf cart. Now you don’t you have missed out on so much?

Just go back and read it entirely, so you don’t regret losing such precious information. I’ll see you in the following article with another helpful tip.

Willie R. Yother

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