Best Way To Charge Golf Cart Batteries

Best Way to Charge Golf Cart Batteries

Searching for the Best Way To Charge Golf Cart Batteries? I haven’t found one yet? Don’t worry. Your search is over, as I will be sharing the method by which you can quickly and efficiently charge your golf cart battery.

But before going into the steps by which you can quickly charge your Golf cart battery, you need to know which type of Battery your Golf cart uses, either a Lead-acid battery or lithium-ion battery.

So let’s get straight into the topic.

Type of Battery your Golf Cart Uses

There are only two types of batteries that are used to power the golf carts. The first thing you should do is find the power source and its raring. Many golf carts are powered by a 36 or 48-volt system with a corresponding amount of 6 or 12-volt batteries. All of these come when a lead-acid battery powers the golf cart.

On the other hand, Lithium-ion batteries are well known and are used almost everywhere nowadays to charge electronic devices. They have many advantages, one of which is that any liquid electrolyte does not power them, due to which you don’t need to have a constant check on the fluid levels.

Once you have identified Battery’s type, your golf cart has, now it is time to charge both of them accordingly. If you are still here, then don’t leave without reading it till the end.

How to Charge a Golf Cart Battery

As we have discussed easily, there are two types of batteries used in golf carts, but both of them have the same process to charge it. Keeping that in mind, I will tell you about how you can efficiently charge both of them. Then let’s go through the process step by step.

  1. Firstly, put on your goggles and gloves as a precautionary measure so that in case something happens, your hands and eyes are safe from the acid.
  2. Then check if the Battery is cracked or has any leak. If there is one, it can be risky to charge such a battery. If you sense a rotten egg smell, then there’s a leak.
  3. Now, dock your charger and connect the red wire on the positive terminal and the negative terminal’s black wire. You should do this very carefully as putting the wires in the wrong place can cause them to explode. Honestly, it happened to me once.
  4. If the charger voltage is not set, then set it to 6-volt and start to switch it on. The battery charges up to 80% in only 2 to 3 hours, but it can take up to 6 to 7 hours for the last 20%.
  5. Make sure to check the water inside the Battery if it is a lead-acid battery because the charging process can cause the distilled water poured inside it to evaporate. It is necessary to keep the water level to the given mark.
  6. Now, the last thing is that you should charge your golf cart battery every night if you have used it. Please don’t wait for it to be discharged entirely, as it can decrease battery life.

When you change a Golf Cart Battery?

Suppose you are thinking of changing your golf cart battery. In that case, you should first consult a mechanic or professional to ensure your Battery has completed its life and has given everything it could. He will probably check the electrolyte gravity or any other important factor.

If he says that it is time to replace the Battery, then go for it. Otherwise, don’t spend money on changing the Battery and waste your money if your Battery can still work for a few months or a year.

Best Way To Charge Golf Cart Batteries

Common Mistakes While Charging your Golf Cart Battery

When we charge the Battery on our own, we make many mistakes that cause a lot of issues for the batteries. Some of the common mistakes that people make while charging the batteries are:


There are many incidents when overcharging a battery has caused it to explode. It might now hurt you, but it will surely hurt your pocket.

Make sure that you have an automatic charger that stops the current when the battery is fully charged. If you cannot afford an automatic charger, make sure to take the plug out when the battery is completely charged, or else your battery will be damaged.

It doesn’t charge regularly.

Many people think that the battery should only be charged when it is entirely dead. But experts have the opinion that you should not let the battery discharge more than 80%. It will also help you enhance the battery life. The people who wait for the Battery to drain out completely end up damaging their batteries.

Going on steep hills and long distances

Many golf carts are designed to go on steep hills and long distances, but one should keep in mind that it takes extra power. The Battery will drain out faster than usual, and its efficiency will also start to decrease. So you should make sure you don’t go long distances or climb steep hills.

No Regular Maintenance

A golf cart battery or any other device needs regular maintenance and if you are not providing it to that device, then be ready to buy a new battery as this one will soon drain out of all its power and become useless.

Tips to Maximize your Golf Cart’s Battery Life

There are a few points that you can follow to maximize your golf cart’s battery life. These tips are:

· Charge the Battery Completely

Please wait for the Battery to give the green signal to plug it off whenever you plug in the charger. It is highly recommended that you let the battery charge completely. It increases the life and power of the Battery.

They demand at least 8 to 10 hours to completely charge, and you can do that in the night when you won’t have to take it out suddenly for a drive.

· Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintaining the Battery is an essential factor. You should have regular maintenance and cleaning of your Battery. The batteries usually attract dust particles or debris, so cleaning them can help you spot any issue that might be occurring with the Battery.

· Use the Battery Oftenly

Keeping your golf cart off can also damage the Battery. It would help if you used it or at least leave it running for a new minute so that the Battery keeps working and doesn’t die out due to the lack of usage.

· Storage

You should keep your Battery in a dry place away from the sun’s heat. It is a protective measure that is usually taken while charging or storing a battery.

· Don’t go beyond 80% discharging.

If you seriously want to increase the battery life, don’t go beyond the 80% discharging. Whenever you see that only 20% battery is left, head back home and attach it to a charger.

The recommended discharge is between 50 – 80%. If you keep it between these percentages, you will see a significant increase in your battery life.

Precautionary Measure while Charging the Golf Cart Battery

There are some tips and warnings that you should keep in mind before and while charging your golf cart’s Battery. These preventive measures are as follows:

  • Before handling or charging any battery, you should wear gloves and goggles to protect your eyes and handles if a mishap happens and the Battery explodes.
  • While working with a lead-acid battery, keep in mind that the acid or liquid should not touch your clothes or skin as they are highly acidic and can cause burns on your skin.
  • Always try that your Battery doesn’t overcharge as it can eventually explode if it keeps on getting a fair amount of current.
  • When your lead-acid Battery runs out of water, only use distilled water to fill it up to the mark. Don’t use mineral water for this process as it can damage the plates inside the Battery.
  • When you place your golf cart’s Battery for charging, remove the plastic caps from the cells because gas can build up inside it and be very dangerous for the person standing near it.
  • You can find some chargers that are compatible with many models of a golf cart. You should always read the manual to know if your golf cart battery is compatible with the charger you are using.


So that was it. Now you probably know how you can charge your golf cart battery efficiently and safely and how you can keep extra care of the Battery so that it lasts for a long time. Now it’s your turn.

Try this way out and let us know if these changes have helped you take better care of your golf cart battery and have significantly increased their battery life.

Willie R. Yother

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